Normalizing Departure

"...but we also knew what it was like to feel temporary, to keep your eye on the clock, to normalise the inevitability of departure so completely that you didn’t think about it, even though you always thought about it." It was six years ago when my mom told me that from age 6 through age … Continue reading Normalizing Departure

On East and West (and In Between!)

A few months ago I was invited to do an interview with Orthodox Christian Network. The interview was with Father Chris Metropulos, President of Hellenic College Holy Cross in Brookline, Massachusetts. I was invited to respond to several questions about growing up in Pakistan, about living in both Pakistan and Egypt as an adult, but … Continue reading On East and West (and In Between!)

”I’m not from here…wherever ‘here’ is.”

I’m from the edges of the map the edges of the Pacific I’m from the edges of the room the outside looking in I’m from Southeast Asia unless you mean my nationality I’m from the U.S. unless you mean where my heart is I’m not from here wherever “here” is by Cindy Montgomery Wyneken A … Continue reading ”I’m not from here…wherever ‘here’ is.”

Living Between Worlds

Readers - Third Culture Kids 3rd Edition Growing up Among Worlds came out yesterday! I couldn't be happier about this new edition and the emphasis on today's TCK that includes information on technology, cultural complexity, and more information for educators and those that work with TCKs. In honor of this new release I am reposting … Continue reading Living Between Worlds

Keep the Lego! (and other thoughts from adult TCKs)

Each year, I pick some TCK quotes to pass on to parents. Some of the quotes are poignant, some funny, but most of all - I think they are wise. The third culture kid is not a single person with one viewpoint; instead it is kids all over the world, each with their unique story … Continue reading Keep the Lego! (and other thoughts from adult TCKs)

An Excerpt on Friendship & Loss

Friends, there is a giveaway of Passages Through Pakistan on Goodreads! It ends on June 7th, and two books will be given away. In honor of the giveaway, I've included an excerpt from the book on friendship and loss. I hope you enjoy! Also - the electronic version of Passages will be released on June … Continue reading An Excerpt on Friendship & Loss

Passages Through Pakistan – An Excerpt

The train rounds a bend. The rest of the cars appear one by one, all tied to one another far into the distance It comes as a surprise to be tied to things so far back Nazım Hikmet, Human Landscapes from My Country We moved from town to town during my childhood, but I was … Continue reading Passages Through Pakistan – An Excerpt

Finding Your Niche at #FIGT17NL

In 2014, I hosted a blog series called "Finding Your Niche: Using a Multicultural Past to Create a Meaningful Present." The result was a set of essays from adult third culture kids, each different and each exploring what it was to find a niche as an adult. Writers talked about the jobs and communities they had … Continue reading Finding Your Niche at #FIGT17NL

Observations and Thoughts on the Third Culture Kid Perspective 

I just returned from a two-week trip to Cairo, Egypt where I was invited to speak at five different schools, to five different parent groups, and be a speaker at a youth retreat. I found the research specific literature to be invaluable in assisting me in my talks. Here are some of my observations from the … Continue reading Observations and Thoughts on the Third Culture Kid Perspective 

It’s Complicated!

For the past week I've had the privilege of spending time with third culture kids and their parents. It has been an amazing gift and I have learned so much from the people I've met. Over the weekend, I met a teenager who will be moving on to university next year. As I asked her … Continue reading It’s Complicated!

Exploring Third Culture Kid Bigotry – A Repost

"It's one thing to criticize a culture. It’s another to see that the culture being criticized is formed partly in response to other cultures, and that those cultures are, in turn, worth criticizing. This is why explaining human behavior is so difficult: the buck never stops. The explanations don’t come to an obvious, final resting … Continue reading Exploring Third Culture Kid Bigotry – A Repost

TCK Reunions – An Invisible Bond

TCK Reunions—an invisible bond by Robynn “A Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a person who has spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside the parents’ culture. The TCK frequently builds relationships to all of the cultures, while not having full ownership in any. Although elements from each culture may be assimilated … Continue reading TCK Reunions – An Invisible Bond

“I Knew Flags, I didn’t Know Allegiance”

Last month, I found my son Micah's college essay. I was sorting through some papers in a desperate attempt to find a medical document. As often happens when you begin sorting, you find papers and letters from long ago and you end up lost in a past time and place. Micah's essay focused on our … Continue reading “I Knew Flags, I didn’t Know Allegiance”

The Language of Transition

"I do want to make sure we have a language for transition and crossing cultures and homesickness and living in a state of between-ness. I did not have that growing up and have found the TCK vocabulary helpful as an adult." Elizabeth Trotter as quoted from A Life Overseas Like Elizabeth, I did not grow … Continue reading The Language of Transition

“I wouldn’t give it up for a moment!”

....and other things we wouldn't give up! [With thanks to Michele Phoenix.] I love playing the game "Two truths and a lie."  It's a get-to-know-you game, designed so that strangers can begin feeling comfortable with each other. The premise is that you tell a group three things about yourself. Two of them have to be … Continue reading “I wouldn’t give it up for a moment!”

“It May Take Some Time to Breathe”

As I got off the plane on Sunday night, I felt  familiar tightening in my chest. I have lived in Cambridge now for eight years, yet I still feel what is almost like a panic attack come over me as I walk from the plane, through the long gateway, into the terminal. It's hard to … Continue reading “It May Take Some Time to Breathe”

The MK/TCK Aversion to Being a Tourist

Attempting to be 'good' tourists on our last day in Amman I love travel. I love planes. I love airports. I love that feeling of getting another stamp in my passport, of going into unchartered territory, of waking up on the other side of the world. But I hate being a tourist. I hate associating with … Continue reading The MK/TCK Aversion to Being a Tourist