I began writing publicly in 2011 after returning from a humanitarian aid trip to Pakistan. Stories that had long lay silent and unwritten inside of me began spilling out onto the page. I began to put words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, and paragraphs into essays or shorter reflections. I did that day after day, until one day – I had a book. It has been a journey of humility and joy.

What can you expect? Personal, reflective writing about all kinds of things! I care about all things cross-cultural, living between worlds, third culture kids, working out faith, and travel. I work toward posting once or twice a week on this site.Thank you for joining me!

Thank you for joining me!

We write to taste life twice,
in the moment and in retrospect.

Anais Nin


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Worlds Apart: A Third Culture Kid’s Journey

This sequel to Marilyn Gardner’s Between Worlds probes deeply into the journey that forms a third culture kid’s identity. Gardner weaves together memories of joy and pain, close friendships and loneliness in a compelling portrait of an international childhood. From the close quarters of boarding school, to the strangeness of furloughs in her parents’ native Massachusetts, Worlds Apart is an honest and moving portrayal of a young girl’s struggles with faith, friendship, and belonging. The book offers an inspiring model for other third culture kids seeking to make sense of their unique experience, and the final chapter brings together many practical resources to help TCKs navigate their own journey.

“This is a book that shows the complications of a challenging childhood, the healing power of a faithful life, and the precious gifts Third Culture Kids are to the world.”  Rachel Pieh Jones, from the Foreword

Between Worlds: Essays on Culture and Belonging

“In the hall of an old Inn by the ocean is a sign that reads ‘Home is Where Our Story Begins.’ But if home is where our story begins, what happens when we can’t go back?” Marilyn Gardner was raised in Pakistan and went on to raise her own five children in Pakistan and Egypt before moving to small town New England. Between Worlds will resonate with those who have lived outside of their passport country, as well as those who have not. These essays explore the rootlessness and grief as well as the unexpected moments of humor and joy that are a part of living between two worlds. Between Worlds charts a journey between the cultures of East and West, the comfort of being surrounded by loved ones and familiar places, and the loneliness of not belonging.

Every one of us has been at some point between two worlds, be they faith and loss of faith, joy and sorrow, birth and death. Between Worlds is a luminous guide for connecting—and healing—worlds. – Cathy Romeo, co-author, Ended Beginnings: Healing Childbearing Losses