• Interaction International – one of the best resources online with information on seminars, books, articles. Also home to the Among Worlds magazine. “Today’s voice for third culture kids and internationally mobile families.” 
  • TCKKid – A social network platform for a world-wide community of third culture kids. TCKid is also a non-profit organization that provides written resources, web casts, and the magazine, Among Worlds which is published four times a year.
  • Modern Love Long Distance – Lisa McKay is an ATCK and has lived overseas her entire life. She gives great tips and advice for keeping relationships alive across the miles.
  • Sea Change Mentoring – I’m new to this group but love what I see. Their vision is to “provide short-term guidance and professional mentors to third culture, global nomad and expat students in high school and university.” Along with a few others they have been hosting a #TCKchat on Twitter twice a month.
  • Families in Global Transition – The “global leader in cross cultural education and training to support the entire expat family. FIGT offers information-packed conferences and year-round benefits through its Membership Program and expanding educational website.” I have just learned of this organization in the past year and am really encouraged by what they are doing. They are well worth joining and supporting.
  • MK Planet – This website began as a university project and has expanded to provide a wealth of resources for MKs, that peculiar brand of TCK who hails from a missionary and faith community. MKPlanet’s goal is to be an comprehensive source of information for current and former MKs, their families, and MK care professionals.
  • Denizen Magazine – an online magazine and community dedicated to the global nomad. Has personal essays, studies, and interviews with third culture kids.
  • Mu Kappa – A fraternal association for MKs
  • TCKWorld – Dr. Ruth Useem’s official web page.

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