Christmas on Beacon Hill

Just a short walk from my workplace is Beacon Hill, a historic Boston neighborhood with narrow brick streets, antique gas-lit lamps, and row houses. Beacon Hill is beautiful and quintessentially Boston. Visitors from around the world walk through the streets, finally making their way back to the red-bricked Freedom Trail that winds through the city … Continue reading Christmas on Beacon Hill

Sharing Christmas – A Guest Post

I love the essay I'm sharing today from Cindy Brandt. You'll remember Cindy from her post a couple weeks ago The Gift of Longing to Belong. She offers another gift today in this post filled with wisdom and a reminder that the goal of Christmas, whether we are celebrating in our passport countries or overseas, … Continue reading Sharing Christmas – A Guest Post

When There is No Other Hand

Although I've not seen it in years, Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favorite shows/movies. I've watched the movie numerous times and seen the performance live as a musical theatre production at least twice. The scenes that have found place in my memory are what I call the "other hand scenes". These are … Continue reading When There is No Other Hand

No Wonder We Have Issues!

No Wonder we have issues! –a superficial exploration of this woman and her obsession with food! By Robynn What’s with women and food? Women have a strange relationship with food. Maybe it’s not just women. Maybe men have an odd entanglement with food too. But certainly women do. Traditionally men were the ones that killed … Continue reading No Wonder We Have Issues!

The Fourth Friday of Advent: When Traditions don’t Translate

By Robynn Every year at this time of year I battle a sense of grief and a sense of loss….an uncertainty. There’s this accumulation of memories and conventions that no longer communicate. Round pegs. Square holes.   Although when I was growing up we had a whole collection of traditions none of them now seem … Continue reading The Fourth Friday of Advent: When Traditions don’t Translate

Canadian Thanksgiving & Apple Picking!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all the Canadian Readers of Communicating Across Boundaries! Thanks for tuning in to CAB so regularly and may you have an amazing day of celebration and gratitude. I have a personal connection with this holiday as for many years we celebrated it with my Canadian sister-in-law. With her move to Oxford … Continue reading Canadian Thanksgiving & Apple Picking!

The Art of Dyeing Easter Eggs

Every year we dye Easter eggs. No matter how many or few kids we have at home, we always do this. In a word, it's "Tradition!". In many ways it's like making Christmas cookies, it never gets old. So caught up are we in the creative process that time stands still. So on Good Friday … Continue reading The Art of Dyeing Easter Eggs