Canadian Thanksgiving & Apple Picking!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all the Canadian Readers of Communicating Across Boundaries! Thanks for tuning in to CAB so regularly and may you have an amazing day of celebration and gratitude.

I have a personal connection with this holiday as for many years we celebrated it with my Canadian sister-in-law. With her move to Oxford with my brother we are wistfully reminiscent of their home and the yearly celebration of not one, but two thanksgiving holidays. Today they are celebrating in Oxford at overseas student housing with a group of friends from all over the world, including  our youngest son.

Other readers – culturally do you celebrate a day dedicated to giving thanks? If so would love to hear about it in the comment section. 

Today is also Columbus day in the United States and gives us a holiday. We are going apple picking — enjoying crisp fall weather, amazing colors of gold, burnt orange, and red, and New England’s famous cider donuts. See Fall in New England: Pumpkins, Apples, Mums and More for a look at what’s in store for us.

It’s these days that hold tradition at its best that so satisfy. They are all the more precious because tomorrow will bring about daily routine and with it the normal stress of life. But these moments of respite are to be celebrated and enjoyed to their fullest.

The best people in all ages keep classic traditions alive – George Santayana (adapted)

6 thoughts on “Canadian Thanksgiving & Apple Picking!

  1. The turkey aromas are starting to waft through the house. The kids are snuggling and sprawling across the family room watching the Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs Montreal Alouettes football game……this Canadian is thankful for you, Marilyn, your wonderful blog, and for remembering us! Cheers! :-)


    1. I love this so much – When I read I felt like I was in your family room and smelled the turkey. You are one of my blessings Isabella! Happy Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Our family has the joy of two Thanksgivings too! Today we’ll tell God thank you for his innumerable blessings. We’ll eat yummy food. We’ll phone our family in Canada and wish them well. And we’ll do it all over again in November!


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