“It’s a Long Way to go for a Friend” Guest Post by Pauline Brown

I'm so happy to feature my mom today in this post on friendship. You can read more about my mom here and here. She is a gifted, amazing woman, the author of the books Jars of Clay ordinary Christians on an Extraordinay Journey in Pakistsn and Cat Tales and has modeled friendship well through the … Continue reading “It’s a Long Way to go for a Friend” Guest Post by Pauline Brown

Lessons From an Ill-Fated Holiday Feast – A Guest Post

As promised earlier in the month in a call for stories, today I bring you one from a reader's childhood in Mozambique. Writer Heidi Carlson takes us back to a poignant memory of excited kids, a mom desperate to recreate tastes of her home country (the U.S.) and how it didn't turn out quite like … Continue reading Lessons From an Ill-Fated Holiday Feast – A Guest Post

Sharing Christmas – A Guest Post

I love the essay I'm sharing today from Cindy Brandt. You'll remember Cindy from her post a couple weeks ago The Gift of Longing to Belong. She offers another gift today in this post filled with wisdom and a reminder that the goal of Christmas, whether we are celebrating in our passport countries or overseas, … Continue reading Sharing Christmas – A Guest Post

The Story of a Soup

 The Story of a Soup by Robynn It was years ago God gave us the Wilson family! John and Kamala Wilson ran a guest house in the small mountain town of Coonoor in South India. We first checked in to the guest house when our Bronwynn was only 2 months old. We had come, our bedraggled family of … Continue reading The Story of a Soup

To the Displaced and the Exiled

To the Displaced and the Exile I get it. You sit in a crowd of people and you feel your mouth go dry, the bite you just took from your scone chokes your throat. How can you be this lonely in a crowd of people? How is it possible that your passport country feels so … Continue reading To the Displaced and the Exiled

Part I ~ Re – Entry: Oh the Stories We Tell Ourselves

I have wanted to write some essays on the re-entry process for a long time. It is a topic of critical importance in the world of the TCK, expat, missionary, and global nomad. I'm grateful that this week while I'm in Istanbul I have the privilege of posting a 3-part series on re-entry written by … Continue reading Part I ~ Re – Entry: Oh the Stories We Tell Ourselves

An Ode to the Well-meaning and the Clueless

As a child of missionaries growing up in the sixties through the late seventies, I have more than a few funny stories about some of the things that were sent our way -- clothing and such sent to the "poor missionaries" in Pakistan. This post is an ode to those who sent them - but … Continue reading An Ode to the Well-meaning and the Clueless

Out of Darkness, Into Light

Every day I ride the subway line into the city of Boston. It's a short ride, going from Central Square in Cambridge to the busy Park Street stop just off the Boston Commons. At one segment in that short ride we come out from the deep underground of the city and we are above ground … Continue reading Out of Darkness, Into Light

A Dwelling Place Secure

My parents are moving. At 84 and 86 they are once again packing up their bags, lives, and their hearts and heading for a new place, a new space. They have done this many times before - the routine is not new. But that struggle of change versus permanence is written all over this move. … Continue reading A Dwelling Place Secure