A Slice of Life – Kurdistan, Volume 2

Oh, the Things We Have Learned.... I'm sitting on my couch, staring out the window at a grey sky. Through the fog I can just make out that the Kewa Rash have a fresh sprinkling of snow. Geese are honking loudly and insistently three floors below me, at what injustice I don't know, but I … Continue reading A Slice of Life – Kurdistan, Volume 2

Betsy – An Extravagant Friend

Betsy - An Extravagant Friend We are in Athens, mere steps away from the Acropolis that sits high above the city inviting people of every tribe and nation to come and walk its ancient paths. It is the height of privilege to be here and I am deeply mindful of this. And though Athens has … Continue reading Betsy – An Extravagant Friend

Like the Seasons….

Like seasons and birthdays, our comings and goings were a normal part of our lives. When we reached adulthood, we would meet others who had never moved and we would be amazed. On the surface, we felt arrogant - "look at us, we've been everywhere" was our silent thought that shouted loudly in our attitudes. … Continue reading Like the Seasons….

Saturday Travel Quote – Keep Your Suitcase Packed!

Today's travel quote is from Bettie Addleton - my dear friend and a dear family friend. Bettie's quote personifies her life of travel and adventure. You can read more about Bettie here.  How about you? Do you have a travel quote to share? Have at it in the comments! Picture Credit: http://pixabay.com/en/luggage-suitcase-shoes-tie-travel-22901/ word art Marilyn R. … Continue reading Saturday Travel Quote – Keep Your Suitcase Packed!

You Take Yourself With You (And Other Things About Living Overseas)

Readers, I'm posting at A Life Overseas today about what does and doesn't happen when you get on that plane to go overseas. Here is a preview of a longer version where you can then head over to A Life Overseas to read the rest.  I’ll never forget the day the call came from the … Continue reading You Take Yourself With You (And Other Things About Living Overseas)

How Two Weddings Spell Belonging

In three weeks time we have attended two weddings. This has not happened to us since we were engaged and seemed to be attending weddings every other weekend. The first was the Friday evening following Memorial Day. It was a lovely event. Two people, both coming from difficult past relationships who have experienced deep healing … Continue reading How Two Weddings Spell Belonging

The Aerogramme/Aerogram

This week I received a letter written on a blue aerogram! I hadn’t seen one of those in years and it pleased me immensely to hold it, to slice open the side and the two ends, to read it, to flip-up the bottom and read the back side. So many memories came rushing back in … Continue reading The Aerogramme/Aerogram

Bruising Seasons – Reblog from A Life Overseas

All the world feels bruised today. We have rain coming down making sure all the garbage of the city is mushed under foot. A gum wrapper here, a cigarette butt there, dirt of a city everywhere. And in the United States, Oklahoma is grieving while so many grieve with her. The hardest of hearts must … Continue reading Bruising Seasons – Reblog from A Life Overseas

Taper, Trim & Snip – A Journey Around the World Through Haircuts

Today's post By Robynn was originally published in 2011. Today we offer it to you again as there are far more readers than Communicating Across Boundaries had at that time - Enjoy!  One of my ridiculous claims to fame is that I’ve had my hair cut in 9 countries. It may seem a silly thing to say … Continue reading Taper, Trim & Snip – A Journey Around the World Through Haircuts

What Would You Take?

When we first arrived in Egypt years ago, we had a shipment of goods that we were allotted by the university. At the time we didn't have that many possessions so it was not too difficult to decide what to bring. In fact, we would have packed more, we just didn't have enough to fill … Continue reading What Would You Take?

Part I ~ Re – Entry: Oh the Stories We Tell Ourselves

I have wanted to write some essays on the re-entry process for a long time. It is a topic of critical importance in the world of the TCK, expat, missionary, and global nomad. I'm grateful that this week while I'm in Istanbul I have the privilege of posting a 3-part series on re-entry written by … Continue reading Part I ~ Re – Entry: Oh the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Living Well Where You Don’t Belong

Today's post is by Joann Pittman. Joann is a childhood friend who I've reconnected with in the past year. As a woman who has lived her entire life cross-culturally, Joanne is gifted at helping others learn to live effectively across cultures. You can read her full bio at the end, but for now enjoy this … Continue reading Living Well Where You Don’t Belong

The Power of the Narrative

It is the function of Art to renew our perception. What we are familiar with we cease to see. The writer shakes up the familiar scene, and as if by magic, we see a new meaning in it.~ Anais Nin While living internationally, we rarely went a day without having a story to tell that … Continue reading The Power of the Narrative

Taper, Trim and Snip: Nine Countries, Nine Haircuts!

Today is a guest post from Robynn Bliss. Robynn has written other posts and beautifully articulates the complexity of living between worlds as it relates to normal life events. In this post she takes us on a journey through something common to women and men everywhere, haircuts! One of my ridiculous claims to fame is … Continue reading Taper, Trim and Snip: Nine Countries, Nine Haircuts!

Homesickness in Reverse

A post on WordPress Freshly Pressed had a simple title: "On Homesickness". It was posted on a successful blog called "Miss Expatria: The Internet's Leading Enabler of Travel Addiction". The blog is witty and informative written from the perspective of an American who is now living abroad. As someone who spent my life in boarding … Continue reading Homesickness in Reverse