The Art of Dyeing Easter Eggs

Every year we dye Easter eggs. No matter how many or few kids we have at home, we always do this. In a word, it’s “Tradition!”. In many ways it’s like making Christmas cookies, it never gets old. So caught up are we in the creative process that time stands still. So on Good Friday after a time of contemplation and wonder we came home to home-made soup and fresh bread followed by the art of dyeing Easter eggs.

It is an amazing process of watching something beautiful emerge from a plain, white, hard-boiled egg. Enjoy this trip through our process!


7 thoughts on “The Art of Dyeing Easter Eggs

  1. Ah, yet one more thing our families share, Marilyn! Our kids are coming today, and the egg coloring will be done….in preparation for the great, annual egg cracking contest on Easter morning! It’s a Polish tradition. One person holds an egg, while another tries to crack it with another egg. Only one egg will crack! Our competition has become cut-throat over the years. We had to set down rules after one daughter glued bottle caps on the end of her egg and labelled it ‘the destroyer’….another year she tried papier mache! It brings a lot of joy and laughter to our Easter breakfast. And its so much fun initiating new members into the family tradition.

    Here’s to tradition! And here’s to an Easter filled with joy and blessings for you and your family, Marilyn! :-)


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