Christmas Eve Reflection from Thessaloniki

Every year I write a Christmas Eve Reflection. Usually it's in a fully decorated home with Christmas music playing in the background. It's written in the midst of the frenzied joy of Christmas in the West and I usually have presents to wrap and stockings to fill. This year I write it from the sunshine … Continue reading Christmas Eve Reflection from Thessaloniki

Be Still and Create

“In an age of movement, nothing is more critical than stillness. In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention.” Pico Iyer in The Art of Stillness I sit on my couch, coffee beside me, mindlessly playing a game on my iPhone. This has never been a problem for me before, but … Continue reading Be Still and Create

Thanksgiving for the Broken-hearted

Robynn and I were recently texting about Thanksgiving. This year both of us will fill our houses and hearts with people who are hurting. These will be the tables of the broken-hearted, chairs of the grieving, glasses of the bewildered, and dessert plates of the deserted. What do we do when our tables are filled … Continue reading Thanksgiving for the Broken-hearted

On Death and Living in the Moment

Today's post is from my daughter-in-law Lauren. She is amazing and I love her words in this piece. You can read more about her work here. Thanks for reading! New Years Eve, four years ago.  It was 9 days before my dad died, but we didn't know that then. Cancer doesn't give you a timeline. … Continue reading On Death and Living in the Moment

To You Whom I’ve Never Met

Last week, my husband came home with a package. After tearing off the brown paper, I opened a beautiful, decorative, handmade sign for our home. Someone who I've never met, who has never seen my world, took the time to make it for me. I couldn't believe her kindness and generosity. And so I began … Continue reading To You Whom I’ve Never Met

I Love Where I Live-Part I

Sometimes I remember other places where I used to live and I sigh with nostalgia. When you’ve been everywhere it’s hard to settle somewhere. I regularly battle postal code envy. This morning as I was getting ready for the day I smiled. I have a good life. There’s so much about living here that I … Continue reading I Love Where I Live-Part I

Some Thoughts on Gratitude

  There’s this wonderful tradition built into the tapestry of American culture: Thanksgiving. Every year on the last Thursday in November, Americans gather in families, in groups, with friends, in communities for the sole purpose of expressing thanks. Granted a lot of the gratitude is buried under the gravy and the goodness of green bean … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Gratitude

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! In my faith tradition traditionally December 25th is celebrated as Western Christmas. (Stay tuned for more on Eastern Christmas or Nativity.) In our family, this has never been a time just for gifts and extravagance in everything from material goods to food. Instead it has been a time to remember the birth of someone we believe … Continue reading Merry Christmas!

The Good Ole’ Days: Remembering Thanksgiving in the “old” country!

We (Robynn & I) wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from the United States! Enjoy this post by Robynn about the "Old Country." Those were Thanksgivings where kimchee lay down next to the roast chicken and we celebrated with true gratitude the extraordinary community we got to be a part of. One of my favourite days … Continue reading The Good Ole’ Days: Remembering Thanksgiving in the “old” country!

How a Cynic Met a Gratitude Journal – Thanksgiving 2013

It's 39 pages and counting. It's sometimes written in black ink, sometimes blue; there's an occasional pencil entry and red ink dots a few of the pages. Some of the entries are scribbled, others are printed carefully, some hold explanations in brackets. "It" is a gratitude journal and I am a cynic.  For a full … Continue reading How a Cynic Met a Gratitude Journal – Thanksgiving 2013

Gratitude – Number 245 & Muffin Monday

In my worn journal I look back until I find it -- Number 245. I'm frantic to find it, it seems crucial to the day. It's written in slightly messy, black cursive, as if the writer was in a hurry. The journal is 39 pages of thanks -- my first foray into giving thanks in … Continue reading Gratitude – Number 245 & Muffin Monday

Insta-Lover of Instagram

Today's post is by Stef. Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!  ************************** Being a lover of photography, I always chuckled a bit at those who took pictures on their smart phones and posted them on different social media sites. Then, I myself got an iPhone. Almost immediately I downloaded an iPhone application called Instagram. Instagram is … Continue reading Insta-Lover of Instagram

Someone Has to be in the Middle

I looked at my boarding pass. 8B. Smack in the middle like the white of an Oreo cream cookie, only not yummy. And I hate the middle. The tickets were purchased late. A last-minute trip to grieve with family over loss. Last-minute tickets yield middle seats. The grid that showed us available seat options on … Continue reading Someone Has to be in the Middle

When Home is Hard

I shut my eyes willing the bright sunlight to soak into me, willing myself to never leave. I was in seventy degrees and sunny. I was in peace and quiet. My backpack full of burdens was unloaded and I rested easy. But I knew I was going home. And right now home is hard. Home … Continue reading When Home is Hard

Chasing Peace

I was never good at the childhood game of 'Tag'. You know the one: A group of kids on a playground decide to play Tag. One person is 'It'. That person has to chase the other kids until they can tag one of them. "Tag - now you're it!" you shout. Being 'It' when you … Continue reading Chasing Peace

Gifts of the Season

In this post Robynn beautifully wraps up Christmas for us by giving us a glimpse of the gifts of the season.  ************************ There was wrapping paper and bows everywhere. There was a lovely tree full of sentiment and ornament. But here’s the best of what I received this Christmas: *Our friend from Christmas past, John, … Continue reading Gifts of the Season

You Get What You Get and You Don’t Get Upset!

I travel often with a colleague/friend who is from Romania. We have no end of things to talk about - from feeling like 'little immigrant girls' posing as grown-ups, to citizenship, to parenting - our conversations are involved and interesting. Mariuca has a little girl who is four years old. Dark haired with curls and … Continue reading You Get What You Get and You Don’t Get Upset!