Persecution of Christians: Real and Stable

I speak up for refugees, immigrants, and Muslims on this blog. It's right that I do so. I see, read, and hear fear about all of these groups from a variety of people.  But today, I am speaking up for those from my own faith tradition who face persecution: Christians.  An organization called Open Doors … Continue reading Persecution of Christians: Real and Stable

A Broken World Meets an Advent Season

A Pakistan International Airlines flight headed to Islamabad from a remote mountain area crashed on a mountain slope today. Before the plane hit the ground it burst into flames. There are no survivors. A 6.5 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Indonesia has caused damage and killed over one hundred people. Rescue efforts are underway … Continue reading A Broken World Meets an Advent Season

International Women’s Day 2016 – Bringing All Voices to the Table

"What, Sir, would the people of the earth be without woman? They would be scarce, sir, almighty scarce." Mark Twain Every year I write about International Women's Day. This is the one day a year when the focus is solely on women and the issues that are most important to them. In some ways I … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2016 – Bringing All Voices to the Table

The Darkness is Not Winning – A Life Overseas

I'm at A Life Overseas today where I quote my brother and sister-in-law! I read these words from their newsletter yesterday morning and immediately asked permission to use them. These are words that reflect a future and a hope. "The darkness is not winning! "The truth is that wherever the news on television has been particularly bad … Continue reading The Darkness is Not Winning – A Life Overseas

The Importance of Band Aids

I've always loved band aids. Ever since I was a little girl and I had a doctor set I've loved band aids and bandages. There is something surprisingly comforting about a small strip of adhesive with a soft middle. Maybe it's the clean - treat - protect mantra, maybe it's the care with which the … Continue reading The Importance of Band Aids

Saturday Travel Quote – by Jenni Gate

Remember the post where I said if you add your favorite travel quotes to the comment section I would try to put them into word-art? Here is the first - a fabulous quote by Jenni Gate.Thank you Jenni! Add your favorite travel quote to the comment section! Buy Between Worlds today!  Available here:  Amazon Barnes & … Continue reading Saturday Travel Quote – by Jenni Gate

More Than a Tourist: Living Deeply Across Cultures

I'm honored to have Jody Fernando guest post today at Communicating Across Boundaries. Jody blogs at Between Worlds, a blog I highlighted as a favorite new blog that I've discovered. It was my brother who first sent me a link to an article she wrote in the fall and that's all it took to bring me in. The article … Continue reading More Than a Tourist: Living Deeply Across Cultures

When the World is Upside Down

The snow is dirty. So. Dirty. And the woman beside me is eating a too-ripe banana, and the slush and puddles have replaced any sort of magic that big snow brings, and the offensive ordinary is overpowering on this Wednesday. Sometimes you just know you were created for more than this. When the world seems … Continue reading When the World is Upside Down

Labor of Love

I met Dawn Hobbie Sticklen when I responded to a post she wrote about the Muslim community in Joplin, Missouri. Since that time we've communicated over blogs and twitter. Today I'm sending you to her blog "Since You Asked..." to read a piece that she posted yesterday. If you're wondering how you might break out … Continue reading Labor of Love

And God…

It's November 7, 2012 and I'm tired. So.Tired. I stayed up too late and my body has that sluggish, dry mouthed feel of exhaustion. And God is still God. We are poised for a Nor'easter, which means a big storm with lots of wind and rain. There is no sunshine and clouds are building as … Continue reading And God…

“The Story God is Telling…”

Yesterday I read an interview  in Leadership Journal - an interview for which I was grateful. The woman interviewed is Amy Black, a political science professor at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. She has recently written a book called Honoring God in Red or Blue: Approaching Politics with Humility, Grace, and Reason.  Word is that several publishers … Continue reading “The Story God is Telling…”

So Much at Stake – But No Vote!

A word about today's post  -- Communicating Across Boundaries is not a political blog, nor does it ever want to be. Today's post is not endorsing a particular candidate! Rather, because over 50% of the readers of CAB are not from America, it is giving a perspective that will perhaps resonate with those readers. We … Continue reading So Much at Stake – But No Vote!

The Broken Suitcase

Fridays with Robynn I was on my way to Turkey to speak at two back to back women’s retreats with my friend, and the coauthor of Expectations and Burnout, Sue. It was the first time I had travelled internationally in four years. For someone who has had a passport since she was eight, who’s traversed … Continue reading The Broken Suitcase

Picture Windows to Your World

A reader recently posted a poem on one of my posts. Besides being extraordinarily touched by her honesty and writing, I felt as if she had offered me a window into her life. A picture window from a mountain cabin where I look out and can see forever. Beyond this window is the path; beyond the … Continue reading Picture Windows to Your World

So.Many.Stories – Primary School Pentecost

Many who read Communicating Across Boundaries live in communities where the world is at their doorstep. This story takes us to a classroom with representatives from all over the world and one woman's interaction in that classroom. Enjoy this post by Allison Sampson who writes about everyday things at  Every Tuesday I spend time in a … Continue reading So.Many.Stories – Primary School Pentecost