A Brief Reflection on Airports and Life

I am bleary-eyed at the Orlando airport. There's a reason why the infamous "they" tell you to get to the airport early - long security lines extended far into the lounge area. We sighed as we inched our way through, a bright green electronic sign informing us that the process would take 35 to 45 … Continue reading A Brief Reflection on Airports and Life

Dear Dorothy – A Letter to my Mother-in-Law

Tomorrow I will board a plane and travel to Florida for my mother-in-law's funeral. Since we found out last week, I have been thinking about death - how final it is, how permanent it seems, and how unreal it is until you are actually back in a place where the person lived. I read these … Continue reading Dear Dorothy – A Letter to my Mother-in-Law


Over the weekend, the father-in-law of one of my colleague's was badly injured in a bike accident. When I inquired as to how he was doing, he simply said "Broken".  With multiple fractures and bruises, that is the most descriptive word possible.  Broken.  Early this morning we received word that my mother-in-law died. Her body … Continue reading Broken

On Death and Living in the Moment

Today's post is from my daughter-in-law Lauren. She is amazing and I love her words in this piece. You can read more about her work here. Thanks for reading! New Years Eve, four years ago.  It was 9 days before my dad died, but we didn't know that then. Cancer doesn't give you a timeline. … Continue reading On Death and Living in the Moment

Conversation and Laughter at a Funeral Home

The New Comer Funeral Home is in a primarily residential area in Rochester, New York. It is a one story, unassuming building and the only indication that its business is death is the word "funeral." We arrived at the funeral home on a bleak and rainy Friday afternoon for an appointment at 1pm. No one had died. There … Continue reading Conversation and Laughter at a Funeral Home

An Album for the Unexplainable

On the afternoon of July 6th I was sitting on the 47 Bus coming home from work when I got a phone call from my daughter, Stef. She was crying so hard that I couldn't understand her. When I finally realized what she was saying, I too began to cry.  Her best friend Brit had lost … Continue reading An Album for the Unexplainable

A Death Anniversary

A Death Anniversary by Robynn On April 12, 2014, our youngest daughter, Bronwynn, went bowling with her Sunday School teachers. The previous week she and I had been to a special Butterfly Pavilion at the mall. There she had purchased three tiny caterpillars in a precarious cardboard box with her own money. She had watched … Continue reading A Death Anniversary

Series on Suffering #2 – “A Container for an Ocean of a God”

Suffering : A container for an Ocean of a God! by Robynn. Find all Robynn's posts here. Find a quiet spot with a cup of tea or coffee to read this one. You'll be glad you took the time.... ************* When I was 9 and she was 8, in the quiet of a boarding room, while … Continue reading Series on Suffering #2 – “A Container for an Ocean of a God”

Remembering Aunt Jean

In December, when all is sparkly snow, and Mariah Carey belts out "Joy to the World" in earth shattering vibrato, I got word early one morning that my aunt had died. She died around midnight the night before, at home with the one she loved best, my Uncle Jim. The death was swift and certain. in fact the … Continue reading Remembering Aunt Jean

Grief Quotes During Holy Week

Grief Quotes by Robynn -  Grief quotes: Even when grieving someone has to do the laundry... Hard to get it dry when the tears keep coming. Grief quotes: I'm a pretty smart person. .. how come i can't figure out death? My father in law died suddenly in a freak farm accident early Saturday evening. He was out … Continue reading Grief Quotes During Holy Week

Experiencing the Gray: a Daughter’s Grief

Today's post is written by someone I deeply love -- my daughter-in-law Lauren. Less than 2 years after I watched her walk down the aisle on the strong arm of her father and watched the father-daughter dance on a night bathed in joy, I was at his funeral. No one expected it. It was too … Continue reading Experiencing the Gray: a Daughter’s Grief

We Have Work to Do! State of the World’s Mothers – #SOWM

During my flood relief trip in Pakistan a couple of years ago I witnessed severe malnutrition among babies and toddlers. Break your heart malnutrition and hunger. Shout for joy Plumpy'nut solution in some cases. Moms and babies have my heart - probably because I am one and I had five. Getting a good start in … Continue reading We Have Work to Do! State of the World’s Mothers – #SOWM

One Grace at a Time

We are just back from Phoenix, trading sunshine and seventy degrees for two inches of snow and freezing. The trip was not for pleasure, rather we went to grieve with my daughter-in-law. Lauren lost her father to cancer. He was too young to die, and she is too young to lose her dad.  But it … Continue reading One Grace at a Time

A Perfect Tree

It was a perfect tree. Unlike some, where the tree goes from thin at the top to ballooning at the bottom like a pear-shaped woman; or others, that were too round or too tall or too thin, this one was perfect. They placed it in the bay window of the Victorian style house, covered with little … Continue reading A Perfect Tree

End of Life Care and Cultural Competency

I just finished speaking to a group of medical and nursing students on end of life care and cultural competency. It's a big topic. In health care the two areas where cultural beliefs are profoundly obvious are during birth and during death. In other areas the belief systems are more subtle, the differences not always … Continue reading End of Life Care and Cultural Competency

Guest Post: “Longing for the Other Place”

Today's post came by way of a comment on the post Saudade. It resonated deeply with me and I asked permission to share as a blog post. It is written by Anne Alexander, a fellow TCK. You can take a look at the end for a short bio. I hope you enjoy this post and … Continue reading Guest Post: “Longing for the Other Place”

Baby, Josephine and Amos – Wandering through Cemeteries

"Do you think wandering through cemeteries is a particularly western activity?" I said to my husband. We were at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, the loveliest cemetery I think I've yet seen on either side of the ocean. We had just passed by a triple gravestone - a memorial to Baby, Josephine and Amos. They … Continue reading Baby, Josephine and Amos – Wandering through Cemeteries