5 thoughts on “Caring for People in Crisis

  1. How do you deal with people in chronic crisis? Chronic pain and other life-long chronic illnesses such as MS, that continually challenge their way of life and can bring them to crisis mode several times due to the challenges they face. Some caregivers get tired of the continued ups and downs and give up trying to help. These are invisible illnesses that people don’t understand and the patient doesn’t want to ask for help because of the stigma associated with the illness. They would rather suffer in silence than be looked at as weak or, heaven forbid, “lazy”.


  2. Love the Vlog Marilyn – so awesome to see your beautiful face and hear your voice! It’s great to have these thoughts on caring for others in times of crisis – we need to be reminded of how to care for each other.


  3. Never heard of Vlogging before, but I love it! So nice to see your face and hear your voice- but you didn’t answer when I spoke to you!! Good posts, both of them. We’ve been in really good churches where they do a great job of caring for people in crisis. Meals and practical help, like picking me up at the hospital when I couldn’t drive at night. When Dad had his knee surgery twice, we were given so many meals, even when I protested that I, the cook, wasn’t incapacitated. I also loved that some people asked if they could eat with us when they were bringing a meal. That really lifted our spirits AND they helped with the cleanup.


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