Series on Suffering #10 – Kindness

Robynn continues the series on suffering today with a look at kindness.  I’m wondering if suffering gives us a taste for kindness? In suffering you are stripped bare of all your own resources. There’s a desperation of spirit that settles in, a profound loneliness, a longing for empathetic companionship, a desire for kindness. In some … Continue reading Series on Suffering #10 – Kindness

Three Women and a Prize!

We are dancing. This is the thing that we have been saying, progress has been made in Liberia. We’ve come through 14 years of war and we have come to sustained peace. We’ve already started dancing. I am dancing. I want my daughters to dance! Three women have won the Nobel Peace Prize for the real … Continue reading Three Women and a Prize!

Honk Twice for Women in Saudi Arabia!

I found myself once again living between worlds last night as the beginning of the evening saw me at a large church, seated around a table wrapping up an 8 week course designed for people who are curious about Christianity, followed by staying past midnight at a party hosted by a woman from Saudi Arabia, … Continue reading Honk Twice for Women in Saudi Arabia!

Books that Inform

Blogger's note: In light of world events and the often present  'information gap' in conversations on Islam - here are two books that inform! "Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think" should be a mandatory read for diplomats and administrative personnel who hold positions where communicating with those in the Arab world is a … Continue reading Books that Inform

A ‘Gathering of the People’ through Neighborhood Watch

Author's Note:  My daughter Annie is currently in Egypt and has been for the past 2 years working towards a Masters Degree.  Our love and interest in Egypt runs deep from 7 years of living in the country and many trips back since we left.  Because of this my focus in blog posts will be … Continue reading A ‘Gathering of the People’ through Neighborhood Watch