Cairo Christmas “A Weary World Rejoices”

There is no Christmas tree and no turkey. We have not not heard "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" one time since arriving four days ago and our gifts fit inside small stockings. Our world is stripped of some of the traps that catch me at Christmas time in the U.S where slick advertising tempts … Continue reading Cairo Christmas “A Weary World Rejoices”

Beyond the Pyramids – Glimpses of Cairo

Jet lagged bodies and eyes are suddenly awakened through the comfort of familiarity. Traffic that would send many in the west into fits of frustration over “inefficiency”, crowds of people, and the sun and pollution hanging heavy over the city of Cairo have instead sent us into a state of contentment in that which is familiar. … Continue reading Beyond the Pyramids – Glimpses of Cairo

The Spirit of the Revolution

The spirit of the revolution is alive and well in Tahrir Square. Just as it served as the epicentre for the protests, it could now be considered the largest party venue in the world! Throughout the last 18 days there have been many points that have astounded the international community. The strength of the protest … Continue reading The Spirit of the Revolution

Collateral Damage – A Lost Son

I've tried to write a post all evening.  I want to write something that will comfort, or inspire.  But all I can do is feel tired and sad since I, like many of you, watched in disbelief as Mubarak made his speech to millions of Egyptians on state television. I flipped through a Faith & … Continue reading Collateral Damage – A Lost Son

Tea Party in America~Brotherhood in Egypt

Bloggers Note: This is the second  segment taken from a larger piece written by Heather Keaney, a professor at the American University in Cairo and wife of an old friend of ours.  It is used with permission. Titles are created by me, while the content is from Heather. If you are just tuning in, please feel free … Continue reading Tea Party in America~Brotherhood in Egypt

When ‘Neutral’ becomes a 4-letter Word

neu-tral - adjective [noo-truhl] not taking part or giving assistance in a dispute or war between others;not aligned with or supporting any side or position of a controversy; indefinite I have heard the word neutral hundreds of times in the past week. Normally this is a benign word that I use  to describe good journalists … Continue reading When ‘Neutral’ becomes a 4-letter Word

85 Million Silenced Voices Make Some Noise

Annie and I - Al Azhar Park, Cairo, Egypt March 2010 Author's note: AlJazeera has a report that there are pro-Mubarak counter protests in Tahrir Square. The report stated they were in the area where my daughter is staying but I have yet to confirm that with her directly. But internet access is back up … Continue reading 85 Million Silenced Voices Make Some Noise

A ‘Gathering of the People’ through Neighborhood Watch

Author's Note:  My daughter Annie is currently in Egypt and has been for the past 2 years working towards a Masters Degree.  Our love and interest in Egypt runs deep from 7 years of living in the country and many trips back since we left.  Because of this my focus in blog posts will be … Continue reading A ‘Gathering of the People’ through Neighborhood Watch

From Protests to Lattes

Maybe the mark of an American protest is that the protester in a moment can go from  chanting pithy and informative slogans to the local coffee shop for a latte of their choice, be it caramel or hazelnut. Therein is the gift we have in our freedom. We are steps removed from wherever the trouble is and … Continue reading From Protests to Lattes