The Importance of Band Aids


I’ve always loved band aids. Ever since I was a little girl and I had a doctor set I’ve loved band aids and bandages. There is something surprisingly comforting about a small strip of adhesive with a soft middle. Maybe it’s the clean – treat – protect mantra, maybe it’s the care with which the band aid is placed on the wound, maybe it’s the thought behind the band-aid — I’m not sure, but I love them.

When it comes to our hurting world, most of us only have the ability to offer a band-aid. Most of us are not in positions of power and authority, where we can change decisions of nations and governments to protect their people, not hurt them. Most of us are not in places where we are responsible for far-reaching policies that affect the poor and needy, that can change how water and food are distributed. Most of us don’t have a reach much beyond our neighborhood. Realistically, most of us can only offer a band-aid.

And here is truth – a band-aid does little to stop the pain and hurt of the oozing, painful ulcer that is the world and it’s too-many-to-count problems.

But band aids make a huge difference to the person who has the wound. Band aids mean something. They mean that someone took the time to care, to clean, to treat, to protect. They mean that someone stopped what they were doing and came to the aid of another. A band-aid may be small, but small things for the Kingdom matter.

There were five loaves and two fishes for five thousand people. It was a fraction of what was needed to feed hungry people. Jesus took what was there and he multiplied it abundantly. They were band aids to the need of the day – but he made the band-aid matter.

I think that’s what he does with our band aids. The small things we offer to our children, our neighbors, the stranger on the street — he takes them and multiplies them and we never know what that band-aid might mean to the one who wears it.

Last November I had the opportunity to go to Turkey for a short time. One of the things I did while there was go to a refugee camp near the Syrian and Iraqi borders. When I got back, I wrote this to a dear friend, Rachel Pieh Jones:

I’m back – and it feels so small.”  

She responded with this and as long as I live, I will never forget her words:

“It is small. And you are just one person. But a mustard seed is small. That’s the way of the Kingdom. May we always delight in being part of small things.” 

So today, offer a band-aid. You never know what God can do with that band-aid.

7 thoughts on “The Importance of Band Aids

  1. I was so moved by the whole post, but especially the last bit. The quote from your friend: “May we always delight in being part of small things.”

    Amen. I am listening to, praying for, and encouraging a woman going through a difficult custody dispute with her ex-husband right now. I feel like I’m doing a very small thing. But–my dear friend tells me my support means so much to her, especially at this vulnerable, precarious time. Thanks for your encouragement to me. @chaplaineliza


    1. I’ve thought about this so often during the days since. It’s so hard to believe that bandaids matter — but they do. Thinking of you this day.


  2. Well said, Marilyn dear! I was struck by the picture at the top. Isn’t that Rahana, speaking with ladies in the village? It certainly looks like her! In any event, the photo brought her to mind. She is such a dear, going around, putting on Band-Aides to all those ladies! May the Lord bless her today!!


  3. Beautiful Marilyn….it seems that so often we don’t think a ‘band aid’ is sufficient at all but we want to cleanse the entire wound. How great when we learn that every little bit we can give a ‘band aid’, God will do the complete healing or cleansing….not always in our time, however. Thank you Marilyn for the reminder that…”small for the kingdom is Big.”


  4. I just bought Connor a box of bandaids as part of his grad gift! It’s true! …bandaids matter.
    (This piece reminds me of that piece I wrote on small and big….you captured it much better…. Small for the kingdom is BIG!)


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