Glimpses of Christmas Joy

Yesterday I suddenly grew weary of ‘word clutter’. That’s when too many words and thoughts and ideas find their way from the abnormal glow of a computer screen or iPhone into my mind. From my mind they go to my heart and my soul. And yesterday I felt like there was, in the words of that great Ecclesiastical Teacher “Nothing new under the sun…”

So there are few words today. Instead I give you pictures of my world from a lit up Faneuil Hall downtown Boston to a family buying a frozen tree in hopes of holiday joy and white lights. May you find joy beyond measure this Friday — and may we all be free from word clutter.






















How about you? What images do you have to replace the word clutter? Share your images by sending them to with your name and a description and I will share them on Christmas Eve.

12 thoughts on “Glimpses of Christmas Joy

  1. Word clutter is just the best phrase! I have 3 projects to complete over the Christmas period, which together will total around 13,000 words – so I am battling the word clutter every day! We don’t have a Christmas tree this year, so I particularly liked the pictures of your family choosing yours. Happy Christmas Marilyn!


    1. Nicola – I’m so behind on responding to comments but it was a joy to get this one and hear from you~ I always think of you and I as blogging buddies…I think we may have started the same time~ A happy Christmas and new year to you! and may you get those papers done and then relax with some new year’s cheer!


  2. I love this! Lately I’ve steered clear of ‘word clutter’ posts. Sometimes I just get tired thinking about having to grab words from my brain and form them into sentences through my fingers, to then making sure my sentences convey what I’m trying to get across…it’s exhausting. I probably do one-too-many *just* picture posts! ;)

    I am in complete agreement that winter is the perfect season to sit an enjoy a hot cocoa and just peruse through pictures and avoid word clutter.


  3. It’s funny you posted this. I am planning the same Christmas photo montage soon on my own blog. Just have to get to the computer and load them up. Definitely a season for the visual learners among us.


  4. It is wonderful to see some goofy photos of Cliff and the children and of course the pictures with snow. My Christmas wish: send some of the snow to Phoenix. On second thought, we are leaving for Flagstaff to play in the snow.
    Marilyn, wishing you and your loved ones a fun-filled Christmas. Petra and Jacqueline


    1. I hope you had a great time playing in Flagstaff. One of the things I love about Phoenix – you can have the snow…and then leave it! Thanks for your friendship Petra.


  5. I love these! Especially the fun family photos! Warms my heart when children are back in the fold for Christmas. The girls and I chose a tree yesterday and it stands naked in the living room. Their father arrives today and only then, with the whole family together, can the decorating begin. Merry Christmas and much love to you and yours, Marilyn!


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