On Translation and Translators

Readers of Communicating Across Boundaries know about communicating across cultural boundaries. They know what it’s like when it goes well….and they know what it’s like when it goes not so well.

So today is Saturday and time for a light-hearted look at cross cultural communication gone wrong. Very.Wrong.

Enjoy this clip from a show in the UK! I laughed until I cried. I hope you’ll enjoy the humor and no offense intended! Have a great day!

Welcome to the new readers from this past week. I have heard from so many of you about Saudade and flying before walking and all those things that go into this nomadic life. Your stories resonate so deeply – think about joining in the project So.Many.Stories. If you have a story that you want to tell but can’t write, let’s talk!

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8 thoughts on “On Translation and Translators

    1. So glad you enjoyed! I watched it over and over when I first found it. I love the incredulous looks on the faces of people! LOL is right!


  1. LOL, I watched that a few years ago in a TESOL course I was taking. I loved it and am glad to have re-found it. ;P


    1. Perfect for TESOL! I love how she says so confidently “Ya I can do that! I did a TEFL in my gap year!” ….glad to resurrect it. I think it was a few years ago that I found it as well. It doesn’t get old…although my kids would disagree!


  2. I did laugh till I cried!

    When I had to do a presentation in Italian ad wanted to be sure I was understanding what I was reading, I went on “Google translate” and found the ensuing English incomprehensible!


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed! When we first discovered we watched it so many times that our kids got tired of it and irritated with us! Just watched it the other day and laughed until I cried all over again. I have used Google translate as well – what we get would make a good blog post!


  3. Good day l watched the clip very funny,really funny.l myself speak five languages …,But the lady in the clip passed me by 10 miles.Thank you for the laugh .Best regards


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