Curiously Strong

The tag-line representing Altoids breath mints is “Curiously Strong“. They want to promote a breath mint that’s different from the ‘others’, one that stands out in the world of breath mints.

My husband and I have a soft spot for these “Curiously Strong” mints. At one point in our lives we were meeting every week in a room with a gifted counselor. On a side table he always had these mints. I’m not sure why or what his strategy was, but somehow it helped to walk in there and have those breath mints available as we went through the initial awkwardness of this weekly visit. It signaled that we were ready to delve into the session. Since that time we’ve always had these “Curiously Strong” mints in our car. There’s no deep meaning to it, but there is a comfort.

I was thinking about these “Curiously Strong” mints the other day and it struck me that I live in a world where I need a “Curiously Strong” faith. One that stands out, that cannot be compared. An “Original Celebrated Curiously Strong” Faith.

Do I have that? Just as I rely on those breath mints, always in our car, breath mints that are “Curiously Strong“, is it the same with my faith? A reliable, strong, celebrated faith?

And I realize I want that same tag-line on my faith. I desperately want my faith to be seen as an  “Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Faith”.

What about you? Does the tag-line “Curiously Strong” represent your faith? 

7 thoughts on “Curiously Strong

  1. So true, Marilyn! Sometimes I wonder If it doesn’t take a stronger faith today than it did two hundred years ago. We’re faced with a daily onslought of pressures, contradictions, and difficulties. Are we going to be strong in the Lord, or are we going to melt like ice cream oh a hot day? Thanks again for your thoughts – always read, always appreciated! :)


    1. I’ve thought the same thing about faith now vs. years ago….and then I wonder if that is just my perception. Would love to delve into it more with you. What I do know is that I take heart from those who are in places where faith is challenged on a daily basis and it comes out like gold. Thanks to you, so much, for reading and commenting.


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