6 thoughts on “Unspoken Fear

  1. This quote made me think of how an older sibling sometimes fears when new baby comes that somehow there isn’t enough love in Mama and Daddy’s hearts for the two of them. But that’s the thing about love – the more you do… the more you grow and deepen so that you can love not only more… but also more fully and deeply those first loves…

    And I have to believe that’s not only the case with families and new babies. It’s also the case with these amazing lands where God has allowed us to sojourn.


    1. I love this Richelle. I remember before my second child was born having a moment of panic where I said to another mom who had 3 kids. “How am I going to love this child as much as the one I already have?” To which she looked at me gently and responded “We moms have an amazing capacity to love” and left it at that. It was the perfect answer. Not two weeks later I held Joel in my arms, completely in love with that new little baby. Your words reminded me of that and I love your final two sentences. Also – sorry it took me so long to respond. I’ve been relatively off grid during the past week.


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