What a Woman is Worth – Buy Your Copy Today!

Two years ago I sent off an essay to a woman I only knew from blogging – Tamára Lunardo. I sent it off with shaking fingers, afraid of rejection, knowing I was an ‘unknown’.

Tamára had written a blog post that resonated with hundreds of readers. The post asked this question: Have you ever struggled to believe what you’re worth when God and the world disagree? The responses came from the hearts and souls of woman with an overwhelming “Yes!” “Yes – I’ve struggled to believe I have worth” “Yes – I’ve struggled to believe I am okay, I am worthy, I am beloved.” 

And from that one blog post, a book has emerged. A book called What a Woman is Worth. It is a set of 30 essays, woven together by Tamára Lunardo to create a tapestry of truth. In it Tamára offers up “an invitation to discover alongside [me] what a woman is worth.”

The book is divided into five sections:

  • Part 1: Am I Loved? Stories of Relationship
  • Part 2: Am I Broken? Stories of Abuse and Healing
  • Part 3: Am I Visible? Stories of Society and Culture
  • Part 4: Am I Good Enough? Stories of Expectations and Pressures
  • Part 5: Am I Whole? Stories of Faith

And yes – my essay was accepted. It is called “Relentless Pursuit” and sits on page 85. And I am grateful and proud in what I hope is a good way – because I think this work is important. Because every day in a million ways the world can shout that as women we are not worthy; But our Creator God whispers “Yes You Are! I died for you! I have loved you with an everlasting love.”

So this book is an important work, a work that shouts to the world we are loved, we are visible, we are good enough, we are whole. See what the primary author and editor says about the book here.

You can purchase the book at Amazon or head to the publisher Civitas Press or head to Tamára’s blog. Stay tuned for an upcoming interview on Communicating Across Boundaries with the Editor! 

Read what others have to say about What a Woman is Worth.

“A powerful, moving read, What a Woman is Worth brings together an all-star cast of today’s best storytellers to tackle some of the biggest, most complicated questions of the heart with unusual bravery and grace. The writing is sharp, funny, colorful, and raw, and the diversity of perspectives represented in this collection brings womanhood–in all its contradictions and shades–to life. It’s a celebration of what we all have in common, and it’s beautiful.” Rachel Held Evans, author of A Year of Biblical Womanhood

“The question of our worth lies at the root of so many things that hold us back in shame, fear, or doubt. This book is a brave ‘I’ll go first,’ inspiring all who read it to take important steps forward into freedom.” – Kristen Howerton, Professor of Psychology, Vanguard University, and author of RageAgainsttheMinivan.com

“What a Woman is Worth is a powerful collection of voices finding their home. Through words, these women link arms and make the powerful statement that our worth will be found in the whispering of our stories. The time for silence is over, and Lunardo does a beautiful job collecting and guiding these voices into song.” – Elora Ramirez, author of Every Shattered Thing

“A must-read for any parent concerned about how girls receive, internalize, and manifest the myriad subtle familial and societal messages about a woman’s worth.” – Cymande Baxter-Rogers, ARNP

“What a Woman is Worth is an engaging series of essays. Challenging, convicting, and artfully rendered, the collection of voices offers not only unique perspectives on what it is to be a woman but also how different women come to terms with defining womanhood — for themselves and for others. Sometimes humorous, often clever, this series is a tapestry of lived experience.” – Preston Yancey, author of Tables in the Wilderness: A Memoir of God Found, Lost, and Found Again (Zondervan)

“Powerful, compelling, and sometimes heartbreaking, What a Woman is Worth reminded me of the destructive narrative often force-fed to women in our culture. I came away with a renewed determination to help my wife and two daughters remember where their true value lies.” – Shawn Smucker, author of Refuse To Drown

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24 thoughts on “What a Woman is Worth – Buy Your Copy Today!

    1. Thanks so much Rachel – It’s been a long time in the making and I don’t quite believe it but it’s been a good process. The essays are not easy – but point to a God who will whisper his definition of our worth in the most difficult of circumstances


  1. I am so excited about this! Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! Heading to Amazon now to buy. Now I am only waiting for YOUR whole book. :)


    1. Stacy – these words are so kind! Thank you. Let me know what you think. As I said below, some of the essays are hard to read – painful – but the message of the book is one of hope and worth.


  2. Congrats Marilyn! You know how to write and I’m so glad that you will now get a broader readership. You should be read.


    1. Thank you Tracy! I feel like any readers of Communicating Across boundaries deserve so much credit – I have done all my learning in this space and you all have been more than generous.


    1. Rachel – some of the essays are hard to read, but the overall theme of the book points to our full worth as women beyond society and culture, beyond pain and abuse and more. I’d love to hear if you get it and if so what you think.


  3. Yay!!! Congratulations to all the author storytellers who birthed this needed book! I am ordering for my daughters and me!! (Will you sign your essay for us??!)


  4. MARILYN!!!! How did I not know about this??? I am so enormously proud of you! Rachel Held Evans got it right! You are certainly one of the “all-star cast of today’s best storytellers” ! Well done! Mubarak ho! Wow! I am so chuffed for you!


    1. Ohhhh – these words mean soooo much. I’ve not said anything because I seriously didn’t know if it would happen…..and now it has and it’s out and I write about our beloved Pakistan :) xoxoxoxoxox


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