Last Days of Summer


This summer we have had many days where it’s always ten minutes before two in the afternoon.

Days where we are free of the burden of time and can rest our minds and our souls.

As the days get shorter, I feel the natural melancholy of another season ending, a new one beginning. Work has been busy gearing up for fall programs and trainings, we have only this weekend to enjoy Rockport before we hand over the keys to tenants, and two kids at home are beginning to pack for college.

Life moves forward and you either rebel and go nowhere or accept and move forward embracing a new normal.

And that’s why pictures are a gift; a gift for the memory when life gets cold and seasons move forward.

In honor of the last days of summer here are some glimpses of our moments where time stopped and rest happened.

Thanks for making Communicating Across Boundaries a part of your routine. It is a gift.


















12 thoughts on “Last Days of Summer

    1. And you’ll be heading to the beach while we’re in ice and snow! I will think of you the opposite side of the globe this winter when I’m most in need of sun! Thanks Alana!


  1. Marilyn, as I am enjoying your photos, I reminisce about tranquil times. Times when I embrace the freedom to “let my soul dangle”. This is especially meaningful as I am caught in the fangs of “everyday life – work, little sleep, work”.
    It must be such a blessing to be surrounded by water and lots of green. Wished I could beam myself into your photos. Petra


    1. “Let my soul dangle” – so beautiful. It really has been a wonderful summer. I wish you could beam yourself in as well Petra! I will say that the work weeks were stressful this summer, but the weekends? Beautiful!


  2. See! Others feel the same way I do! You already have your dustcover blurbs. :) Thank you for sharing the pauses of a summer well spent. Beautiful photographs, Marilyn!


  3. Oh Marilyn, Thank you for your words and the pictures. I love Rockport and it’s been years since I’ve been there. It has a very different feel than the Cape. Your blogs have been thought provoking and inspiring. Communicating Across Boundaries give me and others insight to other people who habitat this planet which God so graciously made. Keep up the wonderful work.


    1. Rockport is so different than the Cape isn’t it? I prefer Rockport but am definitely prejudiced! Thanks so much for your kind words on Communicating Across Boundaries. They are like silver and gold.


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