Why Dessert Should Sometimes Be First

Remember when you were little? When life was – well, less complicated? When you didn’t refuse dessert because of “too many calories” or “I shouldn’t really” or “If I do I’ll regret it tomorrow when I look on the scale”. Refuse it even as you eye it the way you used to eye the cute new guy or girl in junior high?

When did life become less dessert and more left overs? Was it with a first heart-break? Or in the middle of teething babies and toddler tantrums? Was it when kids began to question and faith got harder, doubt and apathy easier?

Did life become more left overs and less dessert because of dashed dreams and forfeited goals? Did dessert get left out because expectations were not realized and life brought more sorrow than you dared think you could handle?

In the middle of a world that offers leftovers, sometimes we need to serve dessert first. Just because. Just to remind ourselves that there is sweetness still to be had in life.

Dessert first to surprise and delight tiny people who have to eat their vegetables. Dessert first to change the normal, spice the routine. Dessert first because God is good, and offers Sweet Grace in the midst of leftovers.

Today, or sometime soon – have dessert first!


9 thoughts on “Why Dessert Should Sometimes Be First

  1. Living with Chronic pain compounded by conditions that create vertigo and nausea, I often feel like life is a fight for just the left overs. That is when God asks me to be still and quiet before him. It is out of these times that I get my dessert, sweet and satisfying. It is through these times quiet before him in the word that I am often given the map to find my desserts through out the rest of the day. Ex.14;14 The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still!

    I am a great proponent of Desserts first! I’m a great proponent of just dessert! when my Husband used to travel a lot in Brazil and the kids were really little, once in a while, when he was gone I’d serve brownies for supper. Yep just brownies and milk. We loved it. We made it a celebration. We giggled through it. It was our secret! Now my kids are young adults, perfectly healthy and mentally sound! Don’t think it hurt them at all!

    I have lived outside the US most of my life. The first 18 years in Africa, the last 25 years in South America and the Caribbean. I just found your blog. Am really enjoying it. Its set up is excellent and easy to read and navigate. Your writing is fresh and beautifully crafted! Thanks!


    1. Debra – I’m so glad you stopped by. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story. I love the verse you gave in the comment.
      Had to laugh at your story of your kids and brownies for supper – we’d do that with cinnamon rolls. Hot, fresh out of the oven, homemade, cinnamon rolls! SO fun. So good.
      Lastly – your words of affirmation are so generous. Thank you!


  2. Some of us have had it the other way around: Life was considerably more complicated for me when I was very young and got progressively painful as I grew up. It wasn’t until I hit my 50s that I got dessert and started tasting the joy and wonder of life.

    In my world, doubt and apathy do not belong in the same sentence. Doubt is keeps me from stagnating, doubt keeps my mind active and roving, and doubt is my defense against pride and condescension. All good things.

    Also on the subject of dessert, I’ve learned that the first bite is the best, and sometimes that’s all I need to be satisfied. Other times I want to feel my whole mouth full of sweet,cloying sugar, fat and gluten.

    All part of the joy and wonder of life.


    1. Good perspective Elena – Where life gets sweeter as you get older instead of less so. I like your words at the end – a reminder that sometimes we just need one bite of sweetness – and that’s enough. Other times we want the whole piece in doubles.


  3. I’m at the point where if I’m obsessing with calories I have dessert INSTEAD of dinner if I need that desert loving indulgent myself kind of feeling :) A good home made banana split with nuts and whip cream on top cures a multitude of problems!


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