Spice Your Monday With All the Wrinkled Ladies

I’m breaking away from my usual Monday morning contemplation and bringing you something with a bit more holiday spirit. In the United States today is a Federal Holiday – evidently we have a few dead presidents that had birthdays during these months and this is our way to celebrate them. I’m all for it if it means a 3-day weekend.

And in the spirit of the holiday I wanted to post a response to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl appearance. I’d venture very few women can relate to her super sexy over the top show – and I won’t even get into how oblivious the Super Bowl planners are to kids in the audience and parents who want their kids to have  a little G rated fun.

But the video below? I’m pretty sure you’ll love this parody of “All the Single Ladies” from Anita Renfroe. Take a look at “All the Wrinkled Ladies” and see what you think.

9 thoughts on “Spice Your Monday With All the Wrinkled Ladies

  1. Marilyn, this is hilarious!! And, like the comment above–who would care about wrinkles when you can move like that? Maybe I should start moving like that and see if it would take off some weight, if doing nothing for the wrinkles!!


  2. Love it! I still love Beyonce, but I think it’s fair to say that beauty comes in lots of different forms – in my book, a sense of humor is a very beautiful thing, indeed!


  3. Ok….this just made my day! Tomorrow’s my birthday and I’m discovering “that I like it but I should have put some cream on it!” —! I’m forwarding this to all my wrinkled favourites!


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