On What Planet is This Women’s Health?

The magazine caught my eye – it had bright colors and screaming headlines, plus beautiful Kate Beckinsale was on the cover. And then I realized it was about Women’s Health.

I work in Women’s Health. Daily I present, write, research and talk to women about health; specifically breast, cervical, colorectal and cardiovascular health.

I know health. I know illness.  And the magazine cover below is not health. It’s a poor imitation and false representation of health. 

15 thoughts on “On What Planet is This Women’s Health?

  1. Preach it. The word “score” jumped out immediately at me too!

    I’m also increasingly frustrated by how many libel/plagiarism/defamation regulations we have but NO photoshopping regulations! Misrepresenting someone’s words is a crime, but misrepresenting someone’s body is not?


  2. You work in the area of women’s health so I’d be interested to hear your opinion on a related topic that some friends and I are discussing. From what I read, obesity is a predisposing factor to heart problems and diabetes. Others are saying that this is a fallacy promoted by a society that is prejudiced against fat people. My only issue with obesity is from a health point of view yet I’m getting pummelled. What do you think about obesity in women? Are there health issues? I don’t mean to change the comment stream, I agree with you about how ludicrous it is to suggest that health is about looking “hot”. I’ve always talked to my daughter about health and fitness and not to worry about weight or size of thighs or waist …


    1. Denny – first of all it’s great to hear from you! Second – you are correct -obesity does lead to heart disease and diabetes. A recent study showed overwhelming evidence that if we lose 5 to 7% of our body weight and increase physical activity to 1/2 hour every day then we lower our risk of diabetes by 50% and more. So there is health to look “hot” and health to be healthy – two really different things. While I do think there is societal prejudice against those who are really heavy, the evidence is clear that healthy weight and lifestyle helps us in the areas of diabetes and heart disease. There is some evidence that a fatty diet is also a risk factor for breast cancer but we need more research on that. and no worries about changing the comment flow! I like it!~


  3. We don’t have tv…. or rather we don’t have our tv hooked up to the cable thingy….we watch netflix and programs on hulu. Two summers ago we went to a friend’s “cabin” for a vacation. During that time we watched tv. After 30 minutes of watching I came away feeling stinky and fat. I was suddenly aware of my yellowing teeth, the hairs on my chin, the aging spots on my arms. I wondered if my hair was shiny enough. My skin felt old. There were wrinkles on my face. My breasts sagged, my bottom sagged, my body sagged. That was only after 30 minutes of tv with 2 commercial segments! It was down right depressing!
    Media is mean…and it’s mean for the sake of money. That’s verging on evil, if you ask me!


  4. I quit subscribing to most women’s magazines. Clearly, our country is obsessed with superficial beauty. It will take many generations for this to change I think. We are giving our young people a fake identity with all of this hype about how to look and be. When did we quit teaching our kids to follow intuition, to act in kindness, and to be about love? Instead we leave them thinking the outer shell is so important, to be the best and be competitive, and to reward oneself and feel great is about visiting the plastic surgeon. Why are we promoting what we can buy, instead of what we can change with our own gumption? Keeping active, eating nutritious foods, and spiritual goodness are the ways (my perspective) to a happy and healthy life. Great post Marilyn.


    1. I think it will take many generations to change as well. I see my own tendency to believe that photoshopping is real and I’m 52 – if I was 15 I wouldn’t stand a chance. It’s so interesting that it’s that taking a truth and twisting it until it becomes a lie – for the truth is that healthy eating, glowing skin from exercise, healthy spirituality is true beauty – but twisting that so we are given an unattainable and false image is not beauty. I always love you insight and the picture I get through your comments.


  5. These magazines make me walk around muttering like a old woman. I totally agree with you. That is not health. That is how to look like a commercial product. What is the message we are sending young wome?. When I was younger I was taught all the tricks about how to beat hoards of men off with a stick. Now it’s all about attracting them as if they won’t be interested other wise. What a strange twilight zone we live in these days.


  6. Wonderful … laughing until your tummy aches; resting in the life that God has given you …
    Stopped chasing unrealistic health goals and idols. Nevertheless, I like to stay fit and healthy for a looooonnnnggg time. Petra


    1. Exactly Petra – real health and eating right, activity is an unselfish act that will hopefully allow us to continue as active and healthy members of our families and communities – totally different than scoring bodies.


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