A Baby and the Cold Slush of Winter


I slog my way through dirty, melting snow as I walk to work. The pristine fluffy white of one week ago is replaced by the dirt and grime of the city, coupled with slush caused by rising temperatures.

It is Thursday, my last day of the work week, and I am tired. In winter everything takes longer. It takes longer to get ready in the morning, longer to walk to the subway, longer for the subway to arrive, longer to get groceries.

Everything is longer. Everything is harder. It’s more difficult to see grace; more difficult to give grace.

Yesterday I visited a friend who has just had a baby girl. I held her little body in my arms, marveling at her perfection, struck by how this little miracle came to be.

In the midst of the cold slosh of winter, I got to hold this wonder in my arms. Outside may feel cold and heartless, but inside is warm with wonder and grace.

Outside the world is raging, unaware that inside is a six pound wonder. Outside people argue and push, morosely facing winter’s worst. Across the country fires and floods change people’s lives in moments.

But inside there is a baby, perfectly formed and known by a God who still believes that this world is worthy of being redeemed. She is entrusted to, and loved by, an imperfect family and friends; people who will hold her and teach her, love her and cry with her.

And as I hold her I am in awe – in awe of baby soft skin and six pounds of perfectly formed fingers and toes, in awe of the strength and fragility of life, in awe of my friend who waited so long and wanted this baby so very much. Mostly in awe that somehow God believes that we in our human frailty, born as helpless babes who grow to be imperfect children and adults, are worth redeeming.

It’s Thursday and I’m tired. But then I remember – there’s a baby and it’s all okay.

6 thoughts on “A Baby and the Cold Slush of Winter

  1. What a heart warming post Marilyn! I always find your writings so comforting. In the midst of a snowy winter, cold and fatigue you always find something that warms your heart and sharing it with all of your readers warms our hearts. Thank you for writing this.


  2. So very beautiful Marilyn, thank you for sharing. Roger is winging his way to S. Africa with a hole in his
    heart from his father’s recent unexpected death. You experienced new life so tender and beautiful with your friend’s baby and Philip K. is experiencing heavens glory at the other end of life.


  3. Yes, babies are, indeed, a marvel of God. I absolutely agree.

    I am waiting for the first great-nephew to be born – first of that generation. (He’s due in two weeks.) God’s blessings to my niece Josie as she waits.


  4. Oh my sympathies with the slogging through the slush! But so thankful for that beautiful baby in your life, a reminder of God’s love and grace. Babies and old people – yesterday a friend came to drive me to Bible Study. It was a bit icy on the steps so she was helping me, making sure I wouldn’t fall. As I got into her van she said, “My, you’re spry.” I looked around for the old lady – isn’;t that something you say to OLD ladies? I sighed inwardly as I realized that I really am that old person with my cane and my caution. But it’s what happens in life, we get old. I’m thankful to have lived this long, and even though I often forget it, being almost 90 is pretty old. And then I remember the babies in our family, and another one coming in March. God is so good and how blessed I am to be here to see the 4th generation in this family.

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