Finding God at the Office

I am honored to be at Karissa Knox Sorell’s blog today taking part in her “Where I Found God” series. I met Karissa through a blog reader who connected us when she read my Reluctant Orthodox series. I’ve included the first part here and then send you over to Karissa’s blog.

Where I Found God: At the Office

It was Christmas a number of years ago where our family experienced what we now call the “mother of all crises.” The collective grief and pain that happened to and around us was mind-numbing in its scope, eye-popping in its magnitude. There was death, betrayal, sickness, dysfunction, hurt, sadness, and anger everywhere.

We cried out in pain. Our pain reverberated back to us empty and mocking.

I was desperate to find and feel the presence of God, to know that he was there, that he heard our cries. I tried to find his presence with friends, in small groups, in solitude, listening to music, going to church. Anything – anything to comfort and soothe the pain. But I came up empty.

He was silent. I was alone.

At the time I was working as a public health nurse at a busy visiting nurse association. I had a private office and daily I would go to my office and shut the door, catatonic and unable to function. And there I would sit, all day long. A dear friend would come by daily, just to check up and see that I was still breathing.

And then something odd happened….read the rest of the piece here.

A reminder that if you buy Between Worldsfor yourself or a friend during November all proceeds will go to refugees in Turkey. The refugee situation gets more difficult by the day and cold weather is coming. With that cold weather comes an increase in need for resources like blankets, heaters, tents and more. Along with that are the myriad of health needs so I’m thrilled to be able to send any royalties to a cause like this. It seems appropriate given the topic of the book and where my heart lies.

Between Worlds: Essays on Culture and Belonging can be purchased here: 

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