Picture Windows to Your World

A reader recently posted a poem on one of my posts. Besides being extraordinarily touched by her honesty and writing, I felt as if she had offered me a window into her life. A picture window from a mountain cabin where I look out and can see forever.

Beyond this window is the path; beyond the path the trees; beyond the trees the meadow; beyond the meadow, a mountain; beyond that mountain, more mountains. As far as the eye could see there was more. It’s like that with our lives – all of us are so much more than what shows visibly. It’s hard to give grace for what’s hidden, yet it’s critical.

Blogging is like a picture window. When people read and comment, you offer me a picture window that gives me a view beyond my mind, home, and city. It stretches me to look out the window to where you live, play and think. It’s a window that challenges my thinking and my writing; a window that gives me another perspective, a different lens; a window that humbles and inspires.

So – thank you! For offering up a picture window to the world – your world. 

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