When Faith Walks

A man walks with the aid of a walking stick.

When you’ve reached the end of the road and there is no map — that’s when faith walks.

When you’ve exhausted every plausible possibility, every scenario, every idea — that’s when faith walks.

When you’ve cried every tear there is to cry and your eyes are so puffy, your vision so blurred, that you can hardly see; when you’ve struggled so long and so hard that you are physically exhausted; when you’ve confessed every sin there is to confess and then some, but still there are no answers — that’s when faith walks.

It walks softly and it doesn’t carry a big stick. It walks silently so you hardly know it’s there. It walks when you get up in the morning, when what you’d rather do is crawl under the bed and fade away.

Faith walks when you put one foot in front of the other, take a shower and go out the door. It walks when you sit, mind blurry, feeling like you can’t go on – but you do. It walks when you pick up that phone and call a friend, a counselor, a mom.

Faith walks softly and steadily when day after day you’re not really sure what you are doing, what you are accomplishing. Faith walks bravely when you cry out to a silent Heaven and reach forth to an invisible God.

Faith walks slowly, imperceptibly. It doesn’t run, it doesn’t sprint, it may have arthritic knees and achy bones – but it still walks.