Earth Reborn

Just as a baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on, springtime is God’s opinion that the earth should go on. A city morose in winter comes alive in spring, road rage diminishes, and curt responses turn into….well, let’s just say they’re less curt.

The colors of blossoming trees along the banks of the Charles River are better than any color palette available to mere mortals. Every shade of green and pink, ivory, white, and purple are visible, creating images that you want to capture and hold as long as possible.

Along paths runners, walkers, and bikers share space soaking in the spring, not wanting to go inside for fear they’ll wake up and find it’s winter once again. And in the midst of this, baby goslings hatched just days before take the shaky steps of newborns adjusting to life on solid ground. Fuzzy and yellow they are fiercely protected by mothers who bark if you get too close and keep a watchful eye on all who pass, quick to lead their young into the water if danger in the form of dogs pass by.

This is Boston in springtime. A time when life seems possible once again and hope, along with the earth, is reborn.Boston Public Garden in Spring The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.Bern Williams