Accepting Limitations, Pressing On

I’m back. 

If the cool 55 degree weather doesn’t communicate this to me, the solicitations and “compliments” (Hey are you married? You look my age! Will you be my girl?”) from a stranger do! And I hoped to God I didn’t look his age…..

Early this morning our plane made it in to Boston and we stumbled to our beds, our bleary airport eyes and bodies tired from travel. My dreams held the wonder of rest and sunshine, something I have enjoyed in abundance these past couple of days. My husband and I got away to a beautiful spot in Scottsdale, Arizona and spent four days hiking, swimming, sleeping, eating, enjoying. We can’t count how many times we looked at each other and exclaimed “just what the doctor ordered!”

And now I’m back, realizing yet again that there is no shortage of material to write about in early morning Boston. From strung-out young women to pot-smoking men; from Albanian fruit sellers to high-heeled business executives; from screaming homeless to sleep-deprived students to unwanted solicitations from inebriated men — every human condition and emotion is here.

And though every morning it’s a reality check, this morning just back from a place far removed from the chaos I feel it acutely. Because one of the things I realized as I’ve stepped away are my limitations in reaching into this world around me. What does life in the midst of this mean, what I am called to in the midst of my daily reality? I long to do more, to act more, to be more, to care more. But being away I am also reminded that all of this is way too big for me. I’m one person locked inside my own emotions and circumstances, sometimes aware, sometimes tragically (or blissfully) unaware. I am limited by time, fatigue, and apathy. 

So this reality check means facing who I am and what I can or cannot do. Accepting my limitations and pressing on.

Fall is officially here and with it a new season. The question that looms in my heart, in my soul is how can I better reach into this world around me? How can I better nurture my soul so that I know how to respond to my world?

What about you? How do you accept your limitations while still reaching out to the world around you? 

Blogger’s Note: The pictures give you a taste of my alternate reality the last couple of days – sheer bliss!