From Privilege to Responsibility

In the United States, Charlottesville, VA has occupied the top news for over 48 hours. This is not a cause for celebration, but a tragic reality where a rally largely controlled by alt right racists turned violent and ugly. The city is now mourning the death of a young woman who died needlessly as the … Continue reading From Privilege to Responsibility

#Hashtags and Relationships

It's difficult to write today, but it would be worse to keep silent. "I don't want to become a #hashtag. Becoming a #hashtag is a very real fear in my community."  Yesterday at the end of a long and good meeting, a few of of us began talking. The conversation was around race and privilege, … Continue reading #Hashtags and Relationships

Pondering Privilege – a Book Review

Pondering Privilege - Toward a Deeper Understanding of Whiteness, Race, and Faith* by Jody Wiley Fernando could not come to us at a better time. As media and newsfeeds fill with images and stories, many of us who are white really want to know how to do things better. Many of us, as uncomfortable as it is, … Continue reading Pondering Privilege – a Book Review

Traveling While White

Blogger's note: I have received some good feedback and pushback from this article - always good when you write a piece like this. Based on the feedback, I realize that it's is not necessarily the simple black and white issue I have made it to be. I still hold to my original premise, that many, … Continue reading Traveling While White

International Woman’s Day 2015 – “Make it Happen”

Today is International Woman's Day. Yearly a day is set aside to honor women around the world, but also to bring attention to areas where changed needs to happen. This year the theme is broad and wide. "Make it Happen"  Is it sports? Bring more attention to women in sports and the amazing,strong women athletes. Open up … Continue reading International Woman’s Day 2015 – “Make it Happen”

“No one stares anymore!”

“Some of the people have no color,” says one of the boys who has made it to the refugee camp. [referring to the aid workers at the camp] “That's because they were born without skin,” "There are people here with no skin!" [Giggles from the children erupt] "No one stares anymore!" I said this through … Continue reading “No one stares anymore!”

For Love of Little K

For Love of Little K by Robynn I just spent a couple of hours catching up with my friend Kimmery. Because of the nature of the summers we’ve both had we haven’t seen each other in forever. It was fabulous to visit her in her new place, see boxes mostly unpacked, pictures already hung on the … Continue reading For Love of Little K

Rich Westerners & Muffin Monday

Welcome to Monday! Today I'm sending you to Djibouti Jones to read a challenging article called "When Rich Westerners Don't Know They are Being Rich Westerners". This is something I've wrestled with, sometimes through emails with Rachel of Djibouti Jones. She has articulated well the problem and struggle and will continue the conversation next Monday. … Continue reading Rich Westerners & Muffin Monday

Laying Aside Privilege

I didn't realize until later that I was speaking with Someone Important. I was working a Saturday shift at a busy community health center. The health center sat in the middle of a city, subject to all the noise, dirt , chaos, crime, and dysfunction of an urban area. The woman came into the center … Continue reading Laying Aside Privilege