Grief Quotes During Holy Week

Grief Quotes by Robynn – 

Grief quotes: Even when grieving someone has to do the laundry… Hard to get it dry when the tears keep coming.

Grief quotes: I’m a pretty smart person. .. how come i can’t figure out death?

My father in law died suddenly in a freak farm accident early Saturday evening.

He was out cutting fire wood and then hauling it in. The tractor lost traction, flipped and landed on dad. From what we can tell, Dad died peacefully and instantly. He was doing what he loved.

For Christians around the world this week is Holy Week. I am finding that experiencing a death in the family during holy week is oddly spiritual. I find myself thinking about Jesus’ death in different ways. Dad’s death was such a shock. We weren’t expecting it. Jesus’ death was also a great shock to his friends and family. That wasn’t the plan they had. The women that came to the burial to properly prepare his body…you know they tucked that in the midst of a lengthy to-do list. They had mourners to cook for too I suspect. They had shopping and laundry and out-of-town guests to accommodate. There were children to soothe late at night. There were visitors who stopped by to console and grieve. Those women were real. Their tears were wet and salty. Just like mine.

Of course there is a great difference. Jesus doubly shocked them when he rose from the dead! To-do lists were suddenly obsolete. The funeral was turned upside down into a Resurrection Celebration!

Or maybe there isn’t that much difference. Dad knew God. I firmly believe he now enjoys his own resurrection. I don’t have a clue how these things work. But I know that Jesus welcomed Dad home. While we are having a funeral, they’ll be turning it upside down into a resurrection celebration! He’s home. Safely Risen.

Christ has risen! He has risen indeed

And so has my father in law!

Grief quotes: We had plans. God had other plans. It is good.


Note from Marilyn: 

I read somewhere that grief sets its own agenda, it cannot be controlled. You don’t know when it will flood over you and whether the manifestation will be tears, nausea or distraction. Hope seems so false when grief is so real. Words are ineffective and empty, Bible verses can bring more pain.

But one thing does seem to bring comfort. The presence of a person.  Being available, not with words but with our presence. Not a false hope that says “Is there anything I can do for you?” when there are no words to express what may be needed. Not a phone call that is lost every time we are out of range of a cell phone tower. But the fullness of our presence. In the midst of grief, the presence of one who loves can offer hope and comfort.  And that is a picture and glory of the Incarnation. That in the midst of our grief, God became present among us. If you live around Robynn, words might not be the right thing to offer – but a meal would, or your presence just sitting with the Bliss family, or picking up her kids from somewhere. Thank you readers for being present today in this grief.

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