“I’ll Miss It!” or “Good Riddance!”

In the sidebar of the CNN website is a small box with a “Quick Vote” heading. It is a poll asking readers how they feel about 2011 ending. The choices are:

  1. I’ll miss it or
  2. Good riddance!

An overwhelming majority (85%) voted “Good Riddance”. Apparently 2012 is not a year that is favored among CNN readers.  Like any statistic this has many variables that could be discussed in detail to determine reasons why the vote went overwhelmingly toward those who happily close the door on 2011. I heard once that statistics are like bikinis: What they reveal is interesting and what they conceal is significant.

So what about you? Is 2011 a year that brings back fond memories of people, places and activities? Is it a year that brought job loss, hurting children or the death of people you love? Is it a year that you want to wrap tightly in Saran wrap so you don’t have to look at everything it held? Did you slam the door last night and say good riddance, or wistfully sip champagne and say “I’ll miss you!”?

For me it was a good year. The things that affected us significantly were an Egyptian uprising affecting our oldest; a trip to the United Kingdom and participation in the wedding of a friend; a daughter’s return from Italy and Turkey;a son’s wedding; two more family weddings; a job loss; a job gain; and finally a trip to Egypt where we witnessed first hand Tahrir Square and celebrated the Holy Nativity with four of our five children. And in between the semicolons were smiles, tears, anger, sleepless nights, joy, “shouts of pleasure and whispers of pain”, blogging, and a greater understanding of the mystery of grace.

How about you? Is it “Good Riddance” or “I’ll miss it” and why? Weigh in through the comments! Would love to hear from you and Happy New Year!