Success Redefined

It has not been an easy week. From difficulty with websites to difficulty with people, there are times when I would like life to be easier. I'm sitting now at one of the two coffee shops in Rania, listening to Adele on repeat. Adele is easy on the ears, and I find myself gradually relaxing. … Continue reading Success Redefined

A Life Overseas – Just Be Faithful

It's a Monday morning and I'm at A Life Overseas this morning thinking about what it means to just be faithful. Just be faithful - something that is so easy and so hard. What about you on this Monday? What is it to you to be faithful? I hope you'll join me there.  ************** “I’m so … Continue reading A Life Overseas – Just Be Faithful


In a city, one street over may be the difference between safety and danger; between keeping your possessions and getting robbed; between walking freely and running in fear. Sometimes its even one side of the street that is less safe. Like where I get off the subway. A while ago I talked about how I crossed to … Continue reading Re-Engaged