Cultural Competency – Tools for the Trade

If you have not read the previous posts on Cultural Competency, you are welcome to take a look! Today is the last in my 3-part series on Cultural Competency. Forget Diversity! It's Cultural Competency that we Need Cultural Competency - How does it Help ************ "It's easy! All it takes is caring!"  "All you have to do … Continue reading Cultural Competency – Tools for the Trade

Forget Diversity! It’s Cultural Competency that We Need.

I live in a diverse neighborhood in a diverse area. Every day I ride the subway with people of many different backgrounds and ethnicities. I go to work and sit next to a man from Malawi and have friendships and work with women from Haiti, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Senegal, Portugal, Cameroon, and Roxbury - and that's … Continue reading Forget Diversity! It’s Cultural Competency that We Need.

A Guest Post – The Gift of Longing to Belong

I'm delighted to introduce you to Cindy Brandt today. Cindy is a TCK raising TCK's and we connected through A Life Overseas. Her post today makes me celebrate those times when I feel uncomfortable, when I long to belong, seeing them as a gift and not a deficit. I think this post"The Gift of Longing … Continue reading A Guest Post – The Gift of Longing to Belong

Exploring TCK Bigotry

With thanks to Stan Brown for the topic and the wisdom of his response to yesterday's post.... This one may hurt; may pack a punch and result in a bruise. But bruises heal and scars show that our hearts are alive to pain and growth.   My post yesterday hit several of my nerves - … Continue reading Exploring TCK Bigotry

Part 2 – Re-entry: Reconstructing our lives

In Part I, we discussed how the development of an individual identity, a sense of belonging with one’s peers, and close personal relationships are normal developmental tasks faced by every young adult. Why then did it knock me off my bearings? It’s because we face these during the major life transition of re-entry. The cultural … Continue reading Part 2 – Re-entry: Reconstructing our lives

Wrapping Up the Week 2.23.13

This was a great week on Communicating Across Boundaries. We went from wrinkled ladies to third culture kid arrogance to beautiful pottery to recognizing that many times our worst fears are never realized! And the wonderful thing about this? - you were able to hear voices other than my own. Thank you Cecily, Stef, and … Continue reading Wrapping Up the Week 2.23.13

Making Peace with Changing Communities

What happens when a bitter racist is transformed? In the movie Gran Torino, Walt Kowalski (played by Clint Eastwood) is a bitter old man living out his years in a neighborhood that has changed from working-class white to Hmong and Chinese.  He does not like it and makes no pretense of civility and no apology … Continue reading Making Peace with Changing Communities