Success Redefined

It has not been an easy week. From difficulty with websites to difficulty with people, there are times when I would like life to be easier. I'm sitting now at one of the two coffee shops in Rania, listening to Adele on repeat. Adele is easy on the ears, and I find myself gradually relaxing. … Continue reading Success Redefined

When a Piece of Bread is not a Piece of Bread –

In 2008 HSBC Bank unrolled a brilliant advertising campaign. Called "Different Values", the campaign showed three pictures side by side. Sometimes it was three identical pictures with a different word across each picture: Other times it was three different pictures with the same word across each picture: The point of their campaign was that we … Continue reading When a Piece of Bread is not a Piece of Bread –

The Magic of Sinterklaas

Earlier in the fall I asked readers for submissions on Christmas traditions around the world. I am delighted to offer you this post on Sinterklaas by Annelies Kanis who wrote the popular post The Trunk That Traveled the World. Bright December moon is beaming boys and girls now stop your play for tonight's the wondrous … Continue reading The Magic of Sinterklaas

When the Easy is Impossible

What happens when everyone tells you something is easy, but you still can't do it? In this post Robynn Bliss explores "easy"  If you haven't yet read any of Robynn's posts you are in for a treat! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two years ago we bought a grill. Some people might call it a barbecue but here in Kansas we … Continue reading When the Easy is Impossible