Blog Talk

Communicating Across Boundaries hit 600 posts published in less than two years of blogging yesterday! A continued thanks to all of you! That you spend time reading and commenting on Communicating Across Boundaries when there are so many choices on the web is huge to me.

You may have noticed that on the home page I have added a category at the top labeled Robynn – this will allow readers to go straight there if you want to browse and read through the posts by Robynn Bliss. She has been an amazing addition to Communicating Across Boundaries and her reading has resonated with you as shown by the number of views and shares on her posts.

I also want to give out a call for holiday posts. I’m looking for posts with a focus on Christmas and Christmas traditions around the world. So no matter where you live worldwide, if you celebrate Christmas, I’d love to hear from you. The post should be no more than 700 words and focus on a tradition unique to the place you live. Email with submissions. I plan to pick 4 to 5 to feature in December. Cannot wait to hear from you and publish this series on Communicating Across Boundaries.

Lastly, whether you are in Kuwait, the Maldives, Scotland, the United States or anywhere else, I hope you are enjoying this season. These photos taken at the farm where we picked apples in New Hampshire will give you a glimpse of my fall. Would love to hear where you are this season and what surrounds you!

Have a great weekend!