Sometimes You Need to Hold the Moon

On Saturday night we held the moon. It was a gigantic, illuminated beach ball hovering over the Atlantic Ocean. Hovering like you could touch it, pull it down, take a bite out of it.

And through a trick of the lens we held that gigantic moon.

We –little humans on a fallen planet — held the moon.

Sometimes you need to hold the moon. You need to feel that all things are possible. You need to nourish that tiny, faltering flame of faith that you know burns in you. So you hold the moon and you think about the universe – how vast it is with its light years and galaxies. And yet a sovereign God gives you a lens to hold the moon.


Sometimes you need to hold the moon to believe.

It’s Monday in my grey, government cubicle. But this weekend I held the moon.






Guest Post at Tamara Out Loud – Unfair Grace

Today I have the privilege of guest-posting at Tamara Out Loud: Thoughts on Real Life and Real Faith. I am honored for a couple of reasons. The first is that Tamara is one of the best writers I know. At times she puts together words and thoughts in ways that go straight to your heart and work their way into your soul; at other times she is laugh out loud funny with an irreverent humor. The second is that Tamara is editor of the upcoming book What a Woman is Worth. This is a book that will be released sometime this summer and I have the honor of being a contributor to the book. I’ll be writing more on that in a future post but right now take a look at the beginning of the post and wander over to Tamara’s blog to read the rest!

Unfair Grace

“I read Ann Voskamp’s book” pause “And I was thankful for a few days”

This came from my friend as we recently sat together drinking free coffee from an inn on the rocky coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The inn thought we were guests – they offered us both the coffee and cookies embossed with a cursive E, (“Signature cookies!” we were told with a smile) free with no questions asked.  A good lesson that there is free lunch if you walk with confidence.

We both laughed at her statement about the well-read and loved book “One Thousand Gifts”, for reading a book is one thing and working out the details of the challenges presented within is completely different.

Whenever I get together with this friend we go for the jugular vein of faith conversation. We don’t waste time or words. Both of us are in something of a waste land when it comes to friends who share our faith so we go deep. Quickly. The conversation was like rapid gun fire going from head to heart, from  gratitude to grace. And there is where we stopped and struggled. You can read the rest of this post at