Support Nurses in Kurdistan!

Support Nursing Education in Iraq!

The University of Raparin  is a public university located in the city or Rania in Northern Iraq.  Media portrayals of Iraq paint a dangerous picture of a war torn area. In fact, the Kurdish region is a beautiful area that has worked hard, despite incredible challenges, to rebuild infrastructure and the health care system in the face of multiple challenges. The university itself is a young institution, but has developed an excellent College of Nursing.

Strong nursing programs are foundational for both public health and primary care. Building this program is critical for the health care system, both now and in the future.

This campaign is designed to raise money for three separate projects.

1. Building Student Capacity: Three students (two female and one male) from the nursing program have had a paper selected to be presented in Johannesburg, South Africa on gender equality in the region. This is an incredible honor, but they need funds to go. The first $5000 dollars of this campaign will provide airfare, hotel accomodations, and money for meals for the students to attend the conference.  Timeframe: Immediate. If these funds are not raised, the students will not be able to go.

2. Equipment for Simulation Lab: Any nursing program relies heavily on up to date equipment and simulation models. Equipment is expensive and needs regular upkeep. The second $5000 will be used to create simulation labs with state of the art simulation models. Timeframe: 3 Months. Classes begin in mid-September.

3. Continuing Education for Faculty: The Faculty of Nursing staff at University of Raparin are passionate and dynamic. They function like a supportive family. But they need help! They want to improve their skills, they want to attend continuing education in other places to learn best practices, they want to have visiting scholars come and teach them, and they want to bridge barriers and create ongoing collaborations with nursing programs in the United States, Canada, and Europe. $5000 will be spent creating three programs: First for visiting scholars; second for a first ever March conference inviting nursing faculty from all over Kurdistan to network and learn together; third – for faculty to attend educational programs outside of Iraq. Timeframe: 1-6 months. Classes begin in mid September and faculty must plan for time away. Also, scholars in Europe and the United States need time to prepare and get permission from their institutions. Conference planning is beginning now with a tentative date of late March.

As a nurse, I was honored to recently visit University of Raparin and sit with faculty of nursing. I cannot express the passion and joy that surrounds this group. They long for people to come along side them. The area has seen years of difficulty and tragedy, but the resilience and hope is remarkable. These projects are small, but mighty.

Why should you help?

Millions of dollars are raised every day by people in Western Countries. Some of those projects are valuable and create lasting programs; others benefit individuals. This small project has the ability to make a significant and lasting impact in the region. Walking alongside these student nurses and the faculty is an amazing opportunity to partner in the region. The Kurdish region of Iraq has gone through untold tragedy at the hands of others, yet, the hope and resilience is evident throughout this College of Nursing. Every single summer, thousands of western high school and college students send out requests for funds so that they can go on 10-day to two week service projects. While a wonderful way to watch students expand their world view, it doesn’t create sustainable programs. Investing is this project is a way to walk beside people in the Kurdish region of Iraq. It’s a unique project for a unique group of people. 

How do I know my funds will be used appropriately?

You will know because you will get updates that the students went to Johannesburg. You will see copies of receipts for plane tickets, you will see pictures at the conference they attend. You will see a document and stories of visiting scholars. You will see pictures of equipment and receipts of items purchased for the simulation lab.

Would you think of donating today? Thank you so much!

Support Nursing Education in Iraq!
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Project One: Build Student Capacity – $5000

Project Two: Help Purchase Equipment – $5000

Project Three: Continuing Education for Faculty – $5000