Find Me on the Web

Thanks for coming by! You’ll find me over at A Life Overseas once or twice a month. I love doing guest posts as well so take a look at other places where I’ve guest posted:

A Life Overseas – “I Don’t Do Goodbye!” 

A Life Overseas – “This is My Fate” – A Lesson in Cultural Humility

Djibouti Jones – Let’s Talk About Hijab: Rethinking the Veil

Djibouti Jones – A Third Culture Kid Talks About Raising Third Culture Kids

Lessons From Teachers and Twits – When a Teacher Doesn’t ‘Get’ Your Kid

Bucket List Publications – Cairo Coffee Shops

Bucket List Publications – Travel is Fatal – Cairo in Review

Bucket List Publications – Holy Moments from an Unholy Disaster

Provoketive Magazine – Tahrir Square and a Clinic for the Wounded

Provoketive Magazine – Eid Al Adha: Loving our Neighbor More Than His Sheep

Faithful Bloggers – From Bench to Bedside: Connecting the Head and the Heart

Faithful Bloggers – Lesson from a Dog and a Dirty Sock

In addition, WordPress highlighted Communicating Across Boundaries for covering one of the top news stories of the year in 2011 with my posts on Cairo’s 18 Days of Change. Read about it here.

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