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  1. Thought you might be interested to know that we had our small group time this evening. One of our students who grew up in Egypt did a moving reading of “Sudade” from your book. Then later we read some of the comments posted on Longing. There was good discussion of personal longings, followed by lessons learned about perspectives that have helped them through their times of sudade. One of the students shared with the group the song “Painting Pictures of Egypt” by Sarah Groves (on YouTube ). All were very touched by it. Next week we are planning on doing “TCK Envy”. I gave the book to one of the guys and ask him to lead. I’m confident it will be a lively discussion!


    1. Delighted! I’ve ordered 10 copies of Between Worlds for you to have on hand. Once you’ve given those away, let me know and I’ll send more. Also, have you read Worlds Apart? That has resources at the end that you may appreciate.


  2. Marilyn, I’ve just finished reading Passages through Pakistan. I enjoyed reading it through. Thanks for everything you shared in this book, as well as in the many blog posts you write.
    I grew up in Ceylon. There was no expat community or school to identify with as you had, Yet I found ‘my identity’ with the Burgher kids, descendants of Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonial ancestors. That was the closest I could come – as my ancestors were also from Europe! I’m writing a book “Growing up in Ceylon” so I was interested in the way you told your story. My mother refused to put us into boarding school. She chose to be at home with us, giving us a stability we needed, while my father traveled all over the island. Later he had a gospel ship – which took him away from the family even more.


  3. Hello Marilyn,
    I came across your blog and article – Stupid Phrases for People in Crisis quite by accident today. Though i disagree with with large tracts of what you have written, i find the concept itself quite valid and wholeheartedly agree with it.. It is an idea i have been interested in before, and done a brief article on from a Christian perspective – using James 2: 15-17 as a backdrop

    As such, i would like to do a video based on the issues you have raised in the article. I do not intend to plagarise your article in any way, but only want draw awareness to these kind of issues using a presentation video medium. I hope this is ok..

    Best Regards,
    K.B. Davies


    1. Hello! Thank you so much for coming by and reading. You are welcome to draw off this but no ad hominem attacks please. :) I know I probably don’t need to say that, but given the climate in the online world felt I should. Thank you again.


      1. MArilyn- I thoroughly agree with these 6 stupid thongs to say…and I can think of many more– some I have heard, some I have stupidly said, and some I just can think of. Here is a question to give soe thought to… My best friend lives far ( 4 hours) from me so I cannot “sit with her’, as often as I would like, although I sure would love to. She and her family are going through an awful financial time. I have helped when I could both secretly and openly but how can I be an emotional, spiritual, friend,ly, verbal…all those things kind of help to her. What ARE things to say? I feel so badly for them. I HAVE told her often I pray for her , I love her How can I pray more effectively, I even help them in their ministry to try to help them get some money in. They are in music ministry, and they both do some work form home, side work but they also have 6 children which she homeschools 5 of. He substitute teaches. This is what I HAVE done..it doesn’t feel like enough: given them money, bought them groceries, bought clothes for the kids, went there to help when she had pneumonia, when the kids were all sick with the flu. SOmetimes she does not share the true biren of the situation for fear of sounding like she is whining, complaining. God has provided in miraculous ways but t is a constant struggle. I have told her to let me know if they need something because I can’t always know but like me, she doesn’t come out and ask. Any suggestions for encouraging words, or anything at all? I text, email or have some sort of contact with her just about every day to stay true to the friendship..just a good morning text or something brief as she is a minister’s wife ( former minister) and the people of the church that said they loved and cared no longer even speak to her/them. I am committed to be an all the time friend. I enjoy your writing! If you ever have need of a proofreader, my friend does that on the side! :-) (Yes, I also try to market their skills!)


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  5. I am 72 y/o and do 2week stints in Haiti total 2 or more months/yr. my wife can’t go with me so I miss her when I’m gone. So I’m not ex-pat really, but I feel at home in Haiti. I do not feel like I belong at our church here on US, even though the people are good. My heart is with the truly poor. I feel split in two. What do u guys feel, think?


  6. Hello,

    My name is David Ramos. I am searching for reviewers who might be interested in reading a Christian devotional based on the life of Abraham and came across your blog because you have a similar approach to studying Scripture.

    I’d love to answer any questions you have whether about the book or me.

    In the mean time, here is the Amazon page for the book in case you want to see what it looks like and read the short description: http://amzn.com/B014VHOTMW

    As far as learning about the author, you can take a quick look at my about page: http://www.ramosauthor.com/about

    If you’re not interested, or just a have a huge stack of books you’re working through right now, no problem, just ignore this email :) But if you are interested please reply back and I will be happy to send you a copy!

    Thank you again. I look forward to hearing back from you. Enjoy your week!



  7. Hi Marilyn,
    I’m hope this will find you; wasn’t sure how else to post it. As we pray for those missionaries of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention who will be leaving their homes of many, many years and their children who must leave also, a friend (who was raised in Nigeria by SBC missionaires and now she works for E3 Partners) sent me a link to this Facebook post. This post on Facebook resonated with me and I thought of you and all your ‘friends’ who have faced this as well. I do not know Jessie Yates but my heart is hurting with her. I thought you might reach out to her.

    As always, thank you for your words which make me think!
    Cathy Benton

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    1. Thank you so much for sending this – excellent article. I sent her a message – hopefully she will get it. Thank you also for reading – I never take that for granted. It is a gift.

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    1. I am so glad that you took the time to reach out. Thank you. As I read through so many of the comments last week, it struck me how little we know about walking beside those who suffer. Thanks for your courage.


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