Success Redefined

It has not been an easy week. From difficulty with websites to difficulty with people, there are times when I would like life to be easier. I'm sitting now at one of the two coffee shops in Rania, listening to Adele on repeat. Adele is easy on the ears, and I find myself gradually relaxing. … Continue reading Success Redefined

Goodbye 250

I get on the bus and swipe my Charlie Card, my ticket to discounted rides for the last ten and a half years. The bus driver nods as I say hello. There is room to sit down, but I stand. Central Square is a 12-minute walk from my house, but the bus is a wonderful … Continue reading Goodbye 250

Physical Therapy, Editing, and Sanctification

  I try to relax as a skilled professional stretches my muscles. My leg goes up, far above my head; far higher than I could imagine. He holds it in place for 30 seconds, teaching me, explaining what he is doing and why. He has me lie on my left side and works the muscles … Continue reading Physical Therapy, Editing, and Sanctification

Let’s Talk About Lack of Choice in the Workplace

  This past week Brenda Barnes died. She was 64 years old. You may not know much about Brenda Barnes, but she is an interesting role model for women looking at work choices. Brenda was the first CEO of PepsiCo. She broke the proverbial glass ceiling, but for her it wasn't enough. After working as … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Lack of Choice in the Workplace

Get a Life

"Oh, for God's sake...get a life, will you?"--William Shatner   Connor left nearly a month ago to return to the University of British Columbia. As he and Lowell pulled away from the house I felt the bottle of grief shaken within me lose its scarcely screwed on lid. Before I knew it I was drenched, … Continue reading Get a Life

On Work and the Third Culture Kid

A couple of months ago I did a series called "Finding Your Niche." This series was a set of guest posts by third culture kids who have found places that fit their multicultural pasts. The theme of the series - "How do I connect my multicultural past with a meaningful present?" The essays were excellent. … Continue reading On Work and the Third Culture Kid

On Work and Charlie

Let me tell you about Charlie. I work in one of the busiest parts of the city of Boston. From tourists with money to spend to homeless without money, this area sees it all. There are the wealthy and the poor, the able and the lame, the seeing and the blind, the casual dresser and the … Continue reading On Work and Charlie

On Work – What it Means, Why it Matters

"We live within two worlds, the covenantal cosmos of God and the pluralizing, secularizing, globalizing world of the 21st-century. How do we hold them together with any kind of coherence? All of us live within both worlds; we are called to live between these worlds. And in that there is a tension for all of … Continue reading On Work – What it Means, Why it Matters

How Do I Live out Sunday Rest in my Monday Chaos?

With the sweet taste of communion bread still on my tongue I curse Monday morning. How can this be? How can I so quickly forget Sunday's rest and grace as I step into the day after? There is always a Monday after. It might not be the literal day, but there is always a Monday … Continue reading How Do I Live out Sunday Rest in my Monday Chaos?

Happily Non-essential!

Hurricane Sandy has taken the news captive. Judging by the amount of attention and panic this hurricane has caused I'm waiting for it to be called either a right or a left wing conspiracy, designed specifically to take the focus away from the looming election onto the weather. This storm has again reminded me that Americans … Continue reading Happily Non-essential!

Control+Alt+Delete and God Loveth Adverbs

I sit down at my desk and my fingers automatically reach for the keyboard. I know the keys by heart. In less than a second a screen comes to life. Control+Alt+Delete has done it again. Those three keys have started my day. It's my first task and today it gets me. Today I feel I … Continue reading Control+Alt+Delete and God Loveth Adverbs

A Tree Grows in Kenya

'Tis the season of wrapping paper, ribbons, and gift cards. It is a season marked by 450 Billion dollars in spending, rum infused eggnog, and massive returns the day after Christmas. It is a season of glittering lights that bring a sense of magic, and deep depression as demonstrated by the increased number of therapy … Continue reading A Tree Grows in Kenya

“Does it Even Matter?”

These were the words I asked my husband as we ended the week on Friday and moved into the weekend. Does my job even matter? Am I doing anything that has eternal value? Is it just a waste? I was questioning everything I was doing. Cliff paused before he answered .... we are a family … Continue reading “Does it Even Matter?”

Holding Our Breath

The text message came around two o'clock in the afternoon. I was in the middle of training a group of community health workers and had just put on a video for them to analyze. I glanced at my phone and saw the silent, red, flashing signal, a sign that I had a missed alert. "I got … Continue reading Holding Our Breath

Ending the Week on Frosties and Socrates

Happy Birthday Dad! I'm celebrating your birthday by drinking a frosty and reading Socrates! This was the message from our daughter, Stefanie, to her dad on August 31st, his birthday. The easy and the difficult, the fun and profound, the secular and sacred all combined. What a great statement on life from a college freshman. … Continue reading Ending the Week on Frosties and Socrates

Coffee: Black as Hell, Strong as Death, Sweet as Love

It's Monday morning and as I head to my grey cubicle in a building that houses several hundred state government employees, I am aware that I need the drink that tops all others, coffee. Waiting in line at a coffee shop, my vacation from last week feels like it was months ago, the sun and … Continue reading Coffee: Black as Hell, Strong as Death, Sweet as Love

The Lunch Table: Where Food,People & Opinion Meet Google

My physical place of work has few redeeming qualities. It is an institutional building much in need of repair. Cubicles line the walls in Soviet style rigidity, indistinguishable apart from the occasional family photo or obsession with stuffed beanie babies that carries over from home into the work place. The faces of those who work … Continue reading The Lunch Table: Where Food,People & Opinion Meet Google