The View Becomes More Precious

Days are passing by quickly, and in every situation I am keenly aware that life as we know it is ending. The other day I sat on my porch in early morning. It has been hot and sticky, with little relief. The small air conditioner in our living room window combined with multiple fans on … Continue reading The View Becomes More Precious

Mountains of Transition

I'm on a balcony in South Carolina looking across at a lake and then mountains. There are mountains, and then more mountains, and beyond that, there are even more mountains. My view is stunning and soul-quieting; soul-quieting during a time where my soul deeply needs rest and my heart is beginning to feel the deep … Continue reading Mountains of Transition

Like the Seasons….

Like seasons and birthdays, our comings and goings were a normal part of our lives. When we reached adulthood, we would meet others who had never moved and we would be amazed. On the surface, we felt arrogant - "look at us, we've been everywhere" was our silent thought that shouted loudly in our attitudes. … Continue reading Like the Seasons….

Normalizing Departure

"...but we also knew what it was like to feel temporary, to keep your eye on the clock, to normalise the inevitability of departure so completely that you didn’t think about it, even though you always thought about it." It was six years ago when my mom told me that from age 6 through age … Continue reading Normalizing Departure

Where Our Experiences Find Life

My nephew, Tim, and his wife and baby are moving. They have been living in Mexico for the past two years, and their  time has come to an end.  When they joined the Foreign Service, they knew that theirs would be a life of hellos and goodbyes; that boxes and moving trucks would periodically turn … Continue reading Where Our Experiences Find Life

Moving Manifesto

Note: This essay is from Between Worlds: Essays on Culture and Belonging available here. April is the time when it hits many people that their reality is changing and a move is inevitable. This post is dedicated to all those who will be moving in the next 3 months. Be ruthless - check Don't go into memory … Continue reading Moving Manifesto

A Life Overseas – To the One Who is Left Behind

Hi Readers! I was at A Life Overseas yesterday writing to those who are left behind. You may have already seen a first version of this post a couple of years ago, but if not I would love it if you joined me! "You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between … Continue reading A Life Overseas – To the One Who is Left Behind

A Short Correspondence on the Issue of Feeling Trapped

Dear Robynn, I enjoyed your "Friday's with Robynn" post (A Hidden Pearl. January 29,2016). It really resonated with me, so thank you for posting it. It was very thought provoking for me. Earlier this year I experienced a very similar feeling to the one you had having returned from Thailand. My friends and I arrived … Continue reading A Short Correspondence on the Issue of Feeling Trapped

Sacred Mobility

"Researchers Jeffrey Keuss and Rob Willett describe the TCK experience from a theological perspective, using the phrase “sacredly mobile.” When seen in this light, they describe the experience of the sacredly mobile adolescent as a journey in following God’s vocational call. More importantly, the sacredly mobile adolescent reminds the rest of the Christian community that … Continue reading Sacred Mobility

The Guilt of Stability

We have lived longer in the condo where we're currently living than any other place we've ever lived. This hit me recently. Hard. "No wonder I feel restless!" I said to someone who would listen. "I've never worked at a job as long as I have this one, I've never gone so long without rearranging the … Continue reading The Guilt of Stability

First Day of K – A Guest Post

One of the things I have loved about writing is getting into conversations with people who don't have my background but know what it is to live between worlds. Today's post comes from someone like that. I met Thea online when she began to read Communicating Across Boundaries. Since that time we have had some short but wonderful … Continue reading First Day of K – A Guest Post

Moving is Hard or This too is India

Moving is hard or This too is India by Robynn. Today's piece is longform - and you will be glad you read it. Especially if you are in a move or frequently support those that move. You can follow Robynn every Friday in Fridays with Robynn. You can also follow her on Twitter at @RobynnBliss … Continue reading Moving is Hard or This too is India

Transition – Building a RAFT

Reconciliation  •  Affirmation  •  Farewell  •  Think Destination In their landmark book Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, the authors Dave Pollock and Ruth Van Reken have a chapter devoted to transition and dealing with leaving one place and starting in a new one. The chapter is a constructive and practical look at leaving well, at closure, … Continue reading Transition – Building a RAFT

Taper, Trim & Snip – A Journey Around the World Through Haircuts

Today's post By Robynn was originally published in 2011. Today we offer it to you again as there are far more readers than Communicating Across Boundaries had at that time - Enjoy!  One of my ridiculous claims to fame is that I’ve had my hair cut in 9 countries. It may seem a silly thing to say … Continue reading Taper, Trim & Snip – A Journey Around the World Through Haircuts

In the Midst of Chaos

Moms live a good bit of their lives in the midst of chaos. The chaos of new babies, sleepless nights, reordering relationships, adjusting to giving and overwhelming needs. The chaos of rushed mornings, spilled cereal, fighting siblings and forgotten homework. The chaos of teen years, broken curfews, long and loud discussions on life and faith, … Continue reading In the Midst of Chaos

A Dwelling Place Secure

My parents are moving. At 84 and 86 they are once again packing up their bags, lives, and their hearts and heading for a new place, a new space. They have done this many times before - the routine is not new. But that struggle of change versus permanence is written all over this move. … Continue reading A Dwelling Place Secure

Change and Permanence – Living Within the Tension

"I have certainly felt that feeling of being rootless, identityless and of the unspoken accusation of treachery, betrayal and of being oddity for not having a ‘normal’ identity as well as the loneliness of not having a home, a city to call my own, a fridge to open and a family to hug when I … Continue reading Change and Permanence – Living Within the Tension

“The World is a Book”

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only the first page"~ Augustine Several years ago I had a friend who was nervously considering a move.  Moving from all that was familiar, uprooting a family including kids who were secure in their schools and town soccer leagues, and relocating far from … Continue reading “The World is a Book”