Hit and Run

Last Thursday, a car ran over two pedestrians just outside my office. It was in the center of one of the busiest tourist areas of the city. The car was on top of the victims as the driver ran off into the crowds. Several people helped to lift the car off the victims and they were … Continue reading Hit and Run

Live Slowly; Enter in Gently

I find it impossibly difficult to return to writing after summer time. It’s so maddening. I finally have the space and the quiet I need to write and … nothing. Brick walls. Dead ends. The words refuse to come. I have nothing to say. I have nothing more to write about. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, … Continue reading Live Slowly; Enter in Gently

Eyes to See

"What is true is that the world has always been this way, people have always been this way, grace always bats last, it just does--and finally, when all is said and done, and the dust settles, which it does, Love is sovereign here." Anne Lamott on Facebook It's been a hot, dry summer. Though I … Continue reading Eyes to See

A House of Cards

Note: I wrote this piece four years ago, right after my fifth child graduated from high school. Before this past weekend, I felt exactly like this post. Then came the weekend and the gift of rest, the gift of peace. So I'm not in the same place right now. But perhaps some of you are … Continue reading A House of Cards

Simply Grace

Frustrated, I stood outside a movie theatre. I had two extra tickets to a show, completely free, no strings attached. Two tickets on opening weekend of a show everyone was talking about - everyone wanted to see it.  My daughter's two friends had been unable to attend, so rather than let the tickets go unused, we found … Continue reading Simply Grace

Belonging & Fitting In

I was in the middle of writing a blog post when Lowell showed me this section in Brene Brown's book Daring Greatly. The quote shot straight to a deep place in my soul. Brown had identified and articulated so clearly the struggle I was trying to capture in the post I was agonizing over. I'm abandoning … Continue reading Belonging & Fitting In

Summer Survival Tips– Part II

 School is about to get out here in Kansas. For many moms that’s a sweet joy. They anticipate leisurely time with their children, afternoons at the pool, evenings in the park. For the rest of us summer is a stir-fry of a wide range of emotions. We feel joy, panic, loss of routine, guilt, anticipation, … Continue reading Summer Survival Tips– Part II

“I Will Not Let You Go Unless You Bless Me!”

There are sometimes few words to describe spiritual struggles. The words seem trite and small compared to how real the struggle feels. So we are left wordless and longing, wishing that somehow, someway, the struggle could be over and our faith repackaged, reconstructed into something we understand. But if we understood it, would it be too … Continue reading “I Will Not Let You Go Unless You Bless Me!”

Surprised by Spring

   My heart’s been in a bit of a dither. I’ve had a strange week. Last Friday afternoon was a tad unsettling. I was a part of a conversation that misfired. We couldn’t seem to connect. I kept misunderstanding her and I could tell that caused frustration. Saturday I felt keenly my foreignness. Kansas was … Continue reading Surprised by Spring

Should-less Living

     Today I will not should on myself.”-- Mary Michael O’Shaughnessy This past week I’ve had several conversations with people in all kinds of contexts where I’ve encountered the horrible weight of the dreaded “should”. So many live under a great sense of difficult obligations and heavy rules. Most of those still feel they … Continue reading Should-less Living

Inhaling Grace

A warm, damp wind blows my hair and my face as I walk up Tremont Street, making my way to work. It has rained during the night and the streets show recent puddles. The fifty percent accurate weather forecast reckons it will rain some more, and then the temperature will drop and snow will begin … Continue reading Inhaling Grace

His Mercy Echoes

  Yesterday my mom wrote a comment on my post that is worthy of a space of its own. Here it is:  From my mom - Pauline Brown:  I recently read the story told by a Vietnamese American woman. Her grandparents, her mother and two aunts escaped as Saigon was falling. The woman had worked … Continue reading His Mercy Echoes

Striving to be Kind

Whether it's about a red Starbucks cup or a political opinion, we live in a world that is increasingly divided, even as it is more connected than any time in history. In this world of online chatter, I think alot about how to respond to those with whom I disagree. For a people pleaser, this is … Continue reading Striving to be Kind

Sacred Gifts: A Basket, A Chicken Jug and A Simple Bar of Soap

Over the last three weeks I have received three very unique and very personal gifts. Each of these gifts has meant something to me. They’ve blessed me in my deep places—partly because of the timing, partly because of the person behind the gifts, partly because they demonstrate that I am loved. But mostly because they … Continue reading Sacred Gifts: A Basket, A Chicken Jug and A Simple Bar of Soap

A Final Note for Those in Crisis

I thought it fitting to write a last word on the crisis piece. The comments in the piece Stupid Phrases for People in Crisis hurt my heart. And so this piece is for you. All of you who wrote in the comments - thank you for your heart. Thank you for your vulnerability. This one's … Continue reading A Final Note for Those in Crisis

Giving Grace to People in Crisis – the Sequel to Stupid Phrases for People in Crisis

When I wrote the piece "Stupid Phrases for People in Crisis," I had no idea the nerve that I would touch. Sadly, I think it resonated deeply with people because they have heard all the stupid things I mentioned. I was honored to read through the comments; I was saddened by what I read. It makes me believe … Continue reading Giving Grace to People in Crisis – the Sequel to Stupid Phrases for People in Crisis

Free Wine–Reposting a yet Awkward Moment!

I have a friend who volunteers at our local wine festival. When it was over she was given a case of bottles of wine that were all partially consumed. They had all been opened. Some were nearly empty. Some were quite nearly full. She also scored a box of wine and several bottles of beer. Clearly … Continue reading Free Wine–Reposting a yet Awkward Moment!

Thank you Taylor Swift!

Thank you Taylor Swift by Robynn All summer long our youngest daughter has been dreading entering the eighth grade. Seventh grade wasn’t a positive experience for her. She really loathed it. Friendships changed. She bravely tried out for tennis and basketball but didn’t make the teams. She ran for student council but didn’t win the position … Continue reading Thank you Taylor Swift!