In Honor of a Birthday – Marty’s Balcony

My friend Marty had a birthday the other day. I haven't lived close to Marty in years, but just the fact that she had this birthday brought back beloved memories of this friend, and of the many times spent together, often on her balcony. So I remembered this piece that I wrote when I first … Continue reading In Honor of a Birthday – Marty’s Balcony

A Life Overseas – Offending and Mending

Readers, would you join me today at A Life Overseas? I've retooled an old piece! Of all the difficult things we do in cross-cultural moves, finding places to live is near the top. We want to create space and place – we want to create home. And often our expectations are a planet away from our … Continue reading A Life Overseas – Offending and Mending

Transition – Building a RAFT

Reconciliation  •  Affirmation  •  Farewell  •  Think Destination In their landmark book Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, the authors Dave Pollock and Ruth Van Reken have a chapter devoted to transition and dealing with leaving one place and starting in a new one. The chapter is a constructive and practical look at leaving well, at closure, … Continue reading Transition – Building a RAFT

“On Good Friday – A View from Above” at A Life Overseas

Today in the Christian Faith is a day we set aside. I recognize that many readers do not share the same truth claims and I am so grateful that you still come by and read! But today I am at A Life Overseas where I stop and reflect on some of what this means to … Continue reading “On Good Friday – A View from Above” at A Life Overseas

Remembering “The Square”

On Friday night we watched the Oscar-nominated documentary, The Square (Al Midan). This movie captures what happened in Egypt from a few weeks before the momentous ousting of Hosni Mubarak on January 25, 2011 through this past summer. "Let me tell you how this story began....It began with a group of brave, young Egyptians battling … Continue reading Remembering “The Square”

Books and My Moral Dilemma

I remember the first time I did it. You do it once and you can never go back. It was a John Grisham novel - The Firm. We were living in Cairo and my husband was traveling. I had little kids -- four at the time. I had bathed, storied, and kissed them and as I … Continue reading Books and My Moral Dilemma

A Life Overseas – Sacrifice, Sheep, and Raising Kids Cross-Culturally

It's Saturday and we have a house full of college kids and young adults. Pumpkin croissants, courtesy of Trader Joe's, are baking in a 350 degree oven, taking the chill off this fall morning. I'm awake early, grateful and full. I wrote this post for A Life Overseas--retooling an older, shorter piece I had written … Continue reading A Life Overseas – Sacrifice, Sheep, and Raising Kids Cross-Culturally

Egypt – a Call to Pray

********************* My love for Egypt is no surprise to Communicating Across Boundaries readers. Despite no longer having a vicarious presence in the country through our daughter, we keep up regularly through friends and acquaintances. As our newsfeeds fill with news from Egypt, it is hard to know what is really going on. With the west … Continue reading Egypt – a Call to Pray

The Morning After Easter – Sham el Nessim (a Repost)

Orthodox Easter, otherwise known as Pascha, was this weekend. This means that much of Christendom celebrated Easter after a Holy Week that led us to a final, triumphant service, beginning just before midnight on Saturday and ending around three in the morning. While this may seem daunting, I assure you - staying awake is not … Continue reading The Morning After Easter – Sham el Nessim (a Repost)

My Response to the Gosnell Case

Trigger warning - the first part of this article holds a graphic description. Only hours before I boarded our flight to Istanbul I read the first article I had seen about the Gosnell case. It was an article easily missed in the NY Times. For those who may have missed this story, this is a doctor … Continue reading My Response to the Gosnell Case

Challenging Assumptions

This piece was first posted in February of 2011, soon after I began blogging. I was reminded of it recently when a favorite blogger of mine, Rachel who writes at Djibouti Jones as well as various other places on the web, began a series "Let's Talk About Hijab". I love what she is doing with … Continue reading Challenging Assumptions

“Talking Together Makes Wise”

I first published this post in January of 2011. It is as true today, as it was then! Enjoy. ********************* In a book titled "Tomorrow, God Willing" a Norwegian anthropologist writes from her experiences befriending a family in a poor neighborhood in Cairo. The book gives a portrayal of life in Cairo primarily through the … Continue reading “Talking Together Makes Wise”

In Which I order Two 25 Kilo Turkeys in Cairo, Egypt

We did our shopping on the weekend. The turkey, potatoes, green beans, mushrooms, jello (you must have jello) and so much more. As this time of the year comes around I think of Thanksgivings we have spent all over the world and all across the country. Pakistan, Chicago, Essex, Haiti, Egypt, Phoenix, Cambridge - all … Continue reading In Which I order Two 25 Kilo Turkeys in Cairo, Egypt

When Our Hearts are Heard

I sit and drink tea on her balcony and she hears my heart. The leaves and trees are dust-covered -- evidence of life in the desert. Birds noisily converse, talking about the day's worms. And she hears my heart. She asks the right questions, the ones that get underneath my words and sentence structure. At … Continue reading When Our Hearts are Heard

A Late Night Response

I have just finished watching hours of commentary on the Middle East as I put final touches on a health presentation I am doing tomorrow. And I feel compelled to write. An ambassador and other public service officers have been killed. It is a tragedy, and a condemned act of violence. The last time an … Continue reading A Late Night Response

Five Cities, Five Time Zones, Five Kids

They are in five cities - Cairo, Egypt; Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York; Oxford, England. They span three continents - North America, Africa, Europe. They live in five time zones - EST, GMT, CST, PST, and Egypt time (which can't really be described through an acronym) "They" are my five … Continue reading Five Cities, Five Time Zones, Five Kids

Re-Post: Memories of an Expatriate 4th of July

At 52 years old, I have spent more fourth of July holidays overseas, celebrating with other expatriates and a grudging realization that I like the holiday, than in the US. Today's post is a re-post from last year when many of you were not CAB readers. Enjoy! In capitals like Islamabad and Cairo, the celebrations … Continue reading Re-Post: Memories of an Expatriate 4th of July

Through Stefanie’s Eyes – Cairo, 2011

Today I am excited and proud to share the work of my youngest daughter, Stefanie, with my Communicating Across  Boundaries world. Stefanie is an amazing photographer. She captures the world with her lens and I view her works of art, amazed. Enjoy Cairo through Stefanie's eyes and thanks for taking a look. Have a blessed weekend! … Continue reading Through Stefanie’s Eyes – Cairo, 2011