The Evolution of a Writer/Blogger

Dream about writing Write beginnings of articles and books in your mind Dream more about writing Write copious amounts in your journal Realize that blogging is a thing Read other people's blogs and think "I want to blog" Consider starting a blog Talk to daughter about starting a blog Listen to daughter's advice about said … Continue reading The Evolution of a Writer/Blogger

About a Book….aka Kill Those Darlings!

Some of you may remember a big announcement last year. It was about a book. A book that I was so excited about. I talked about it on the blog and on social media sites. I had a book reading and signing. But something just wasn't right. That book, that precious book where I let … Continue reading About a Book….aka Kill Those Darlings!

Happy Birthday Marilyn!

Six years ago, Marilyn Gardner picked up her metaphoric pen and she began to write. Her written voice called us together. We connected with her story. There were issues she highlighted that we were passionate about but for which we lacked language. There were hidden things we hadn’t considered until she pointed them out to … Continue reading Happy Birthday Marilyn!

“Technical Issues”

By Robynn   I think my computer is beginning to show its age. This machine came to me secondhand by very generous friends. I’m not sure how old it was when I got it and really I’ve only had it for two and a half years but lately it’s been a little ornery and difficult … Continue reading “Technical Issues”

“Give Your Pen to Me”

  Our public world is not the way to define our relationship with God. Who we are is defined when no one is looking. -Jennie Allen   "Give your pen to me" he says. I slowly hand it over, unsure as to whether I really want to. He is gentle with me, but daily I … Continue reading “Give Your Pen to Me”

Live Slowly; Enter in Gently

I find it impossibly difficult to return to writing after summer time. It’s so maddening. I finally have the space and the quiet I need to write and … nothing. Brick walls. Dead ends. The words refuse to come. I have nothing to say. I have nothing more to write about. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, … Continue reading Live Slowly; Enter in Gently

A Look Back and a Look Ahead

May the wind be always at your back, and the sun shine warm upon your face, may the rains fall soft upon your fields, until the day we meet again.  ***** After four years of blogging, this was the year that a couple of pieces here at Communicating Across Boundaries went viral. As of the … Continue reading A Look Back and a Look Ahead

Be Strong

As I scrolled through social media yesterday I knew I needed a break from word clutter. So I'm signing off here for a couple of weeks. Thank you immensely for being a part of this space. I value you and the many comments, notes, and emails you have sent the past four years. I leave … Continue reading Be Strong

When Two Writers Meet–A Lunch with Elizabeth Trotter

Yesterday I drove across the great Kansas plain, over and down through the Flinthills, to meet someone, Elizabeth Trotter—a fellow writer, that I’ve only ever known on-line. It wasn’t a very long drive, I think it took me maybe an hour and a half, but it felt much longer. Truth be told, I was nervous. … Continue reading When Two Writers Meet–A Lunch with Elizabeth Trotter

The Stories of Others

Since writing in a public space I have done a lot of reading and thinking about story - specifically writing the stories of others. I think about this as I come back from Iraq, full of stories, and I begin to tell these stories in this space. Indeed, there is a lot to think about. … Continue reading The Stories of Others

Grace in the Space Between

In a world of online noise, I often wonder where this space stands, what it can do. More and more, I've had to evaluate - does this blog belong? Is it useful? Does it really say anything different or new? I'm not sure. And I'm not looking for compliments when I say that - really! When … Continue reading Grace in the Space Between

Choosing a Smaller Font

   Choosing a Smaller Font by Robynn Lately I’ve been struggling to write. There are several reasons I’m sure. It’s always harder for me to find quiet uninterrupted time when the kids are home from school. The rhythm in the house slows. A laid back lovely laziness seeps over this place. The kids sleep longer … Continue reading Choosing a Smaller Font

State of the Blog

Every year I look back on blogging and write about it. I look to see what your favorite pieces were, I remember what my favorite pieces were, and I think about whether Communicating Across Boundaries should continue. Is it just white noise in an ever growing amount of word clutter across this thing we call the … Continue reading State of the Blog

Sometimes What I Write is Just Dunderheaded

"Keep reading. Read to the end of the piece. Read to the end of your paragraph, your chapter, your current story. See if any of it makes sense in the Broader Context. I think sometimes hope hides in the bigger picture. Hunt for it. But maybe wait for the end of the moment; the break in the story."

Release of Between Worlds – Essays on Culture and Belonging

Between Worlds is available NOW! Order your copy by going here! I began writing three years ago - "I want to have a voice!" I said to my oldest daughter, 26 years old at the time. And on July 1st the "voice" will be transformed into a book titled Between Worlds - Essays on Culture and … Continue reading Release of Between Worlds – Essays on Culture and Belonging

“So You Think You Can Blog?” Advice for New Bloggers

In September of 2015 one of my posts went viral. I had been blogging almost daily for four years and had built up a loyal and amazing group of readers. The law of averages could have predicted that given the sheer number of pieces I was writing, at some point one of them would get … Continue reading “So You Think You Can Blog?” Advice for New Bloggers

Home is Where I Feed My Cat and other 2013 Favorites

This past year, in response to a post on Home, a reader who has become an online friend said this: Home is where I feed my cat. Soon after, she sent the photograph above. Donna is a TCK living in Chicago. She is a thoughtful writer and thinker. This photo and my interactions with Donna illustrate why I … Continue reading Home is Where I Feed My Cat and other 2013 Favorites

Blog Reader Love

The connection started with an email that a reader of Communicating Across Boundaries sent me. She would be in Boston for a conference with her husband. She is a good friend of Robynn's. Could we meet? I sent back an enthusiastic reply. Yes! That would be great. We exchanged dates and phone numbers over email. … Continue reading Blog Reader Love