Refugees: Facts & Resources

From a devastating war in Ukraine to an ongoing war in Syria to floods in Pakistan to floods and famine in South Sudan, our world is more than ever in need of understanding and responding… More

New Roots for Refugees

A struggle that many refugees, and those of us who have lived in various places around the world, have is to find grocery stores where the produce or goods that can create the tastes we are… More


Hi! I’m Marilyn… I’m a public health nurse and writer who lives between worlds, but mostly in Boston. I was raised in the country of Pakistan, gave birth to five children on three continents and… More

A Global Pandemic & Ambiguous Loss

In 1999, researcher Pauline Boss, introduced the concept of ambiguous loss with these words: “In the world of unresolved grief, there is a unique kind of loss that complicates grief, confuses relationships, and prevents closure. I… More