Refugees: Facts & Resources

I thought it would be helpful to compile resources here for those of you who are looking to know more about resettlement and how the refugee process works. The resources are a mixture of those found in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. Refugee Information: Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement … Continue reading Refugees: Facts & Resources

Cappuccino with Barzan: Friendship and Betrayal in Kurdistan

Around eleven o’clock every morning, Barzan would look through the door of my office and say “Come! Let’s have cappuccino!” I would look up at him and respond enthusiastically “Yes!” Five minutes later I would find myself seated at a chair by his desk, stirring a cup of instant cappuccino made in Turkey and readily … Continue reading Cappuccino with Barzan: Friendship and Betrayal in Kurdistan


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No Better Place Than This…

“Third culture kids, immigrants, refugees, foreigners.” “We find each other in unlikely spaces. In the shared experience of other, we find belonging and rest, whether in a short ride to an airport or a long-distance phone conversation. These moments of connection seem to come at the right time, sustaining us until the next encounter, preventing us from … Continue reading No Better Place Than This…