And Lent Begins

Lent begins.

It begins with minus degree weather and sore legs from prostrations.

It begins with personal pain and so much unknown.

It begins with a stomach that is already gurgling, wondering about its food source.

But still it begins – and that is something.

It begins with forgiveness Sunday, and a heart of compassion toward my church body, even those I may not be fond of.

It begins with a fraction of hope and whispers of Pascha.

It begins with blue sky, and that is a wonder.

It begins with awe and wonder that the God who created the universe reaches out his compassionate hand beyond space and time to comfort and whisper in the dark “you are beloved.”

It begins with the love of God the Father, the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the communion and beautiful fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Oh Lord, let it begin.

One thought on “And Lent Begins

  1. This year, I feel suspended between Easter and Pascha. Most of my family will be celebrating Easter next weekend, and Lent just started. Since becoming Orthodox, I have often celebrated both Easter and Pascha because, well, it’s what happens in a family with divided traditions. I will watch my Pascha service from home but that’s okay; I will still get to observe the service and participate in the beauty of it.

    I think Lent always brings us something which focuses us more fully on prayer and meditation. This year I was hit with a flu. Achy, sick, and self-quarantined, I can’t do much more than lie on the couch, so reading the services and praying is a good way to occupy my time. I have a much-loved Psalter I’m going through. The prayers are like a soothing balm to me, bringing peace and making the trials of the flu feel minor.

    Lent is long and sometimes arduous. I will get over this, but I am sure there is more for me to learn during this time. I love Lent for the feeling of time-out I get, even when I’m busy. I’ll take this extra time to be quiet.

    May you have a Lent that brings you what you need, and a blessed Pascha.


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