Thanksgiving for the Broken-hearted

Robynn and I were recently texting about Thanksgiving. This year both of us will fill our houses and hearts with people who are hurting. These will be the tables of the broken-hearted, chairs of the grieving, glasses of the bewildered, and dessert plates of the deserted.

What do we do when our tables are filled with the broken-hearted?When comfort feels as elusive as sunshine in winter?

We raise glasses of gratitude, because gratitude precedes the miracle. And God knows, we need miracles.

As we texted back and forth, comfort and friendship were in every word. Though miles away, we were walking beside each other.

Robynn’s last text to me that day is the one I have posted below. May you who fellowship with the broken-hearted know that we are with you through this Thanksgiving weekend. We pray that your tables will be ones of grace and the deepest of peace.

Broken tables and backless chairs—- we gather with pain and imperfections and pray for the great grace of gratitude to accompany our mashed potatoes and gravy.

The whole world is grey. Even the geese have flown south. We sit abandoned and isolated surrounded by noise and green bean casserole.

Jesus come. Be our healing. Be our holy guest. Make house calls to the weary and worn down. Sit with us a spell. Turn our water into wine and our emptiness into something that can hold second helpings of hope. With whip cream perhaps… wouldn’t that be all kinds of yummy?!

With love,

Marilyn and Robynn

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving for the Broken-hearted

  1. Reblogged this on thelifeididntchoose and commented:
    There is so much going on in my family this Thanksgiving in addition to the burden of missing Dominic. My mother’s health is unsure and my parents are facing some difficult choices in the next months, my husband’s sister has cancer and is struggling, my aged aunt ran home to heaven the day before he sister turned 99.

    Life is hard. But there is hope. I love this post by Marilyn.

    It spoke courage to my heart. I hope it speaks courage to yours. <3


  2. Thank you. This is beautiful. I am grieving the very recent loss of my first child in miscarriage…Just a week ago. Jesus has been near and kind, but this is so hard. I’m thankful for dear friends who will let us broken ones join them at their table for Thanksgiving. Thank you for doing the same!


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