World Refugee Day – #withrefugees

Every year, June 20th is a day set aside to remember the millions of refugees and displaced people in our world. But it’s not just a day to remember – it’s also a day to think about what we can collectively and individually do about the refugee crisis. 

So in today’s post I want to pose a couple of questions: 

  1. What can we do to overcome apathy or fear? 
  2. What specific things in your community could you do to welcome refugees. 
  3. How can we change some of the common narratives, that are not based on fact, that marginalize refugees? 

Today will you #standwithrefugees? 

For more information on refugees, click here

Source: UNHCR World Refugee Day

One thought on “World Refugee Day – #withrefugees

  1. I am celebrating Refugee Day by having chemo, I have poison dripping into me right now at MDAnderson Cancer Center.
    Because of chemo, I am limited in energy and ability to be around people when my immune system is low. But I advertise on Nextdoor when there are attacks on Muslims, and offer to accompany any Muslim woman to the store if she is nervous about going out alone and fearing harassment. I haven’t gotten any takers as yet, but I get appreciative comments, and Muslims in my area now know that not all evangelical Christians view them with suspicion and/or fear. It is not a big deal, but it is the small thing I am able to do now and then.


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